Women’s Blazer with Jeans Outfits

Looking for a women’s blazer with jeans outfit? Keep reading.

Ever asked yourself these questions:

“What am I going to wear?”

“I don’t want to be too formal but I’m not heading to the gym or the yoga studio either.”

For many current and aspiring fashionistas, there’s nothing worse than having that indecisive feeling creep up on you when you’re standing in front of your open closet.

It’s too bad that most fashionable outfits require so much thought and planning…or do they?

If you’re looking for a stylish outfit that complements all body shapes without trying, the blazer and jeans outfit combo is really hard to beat.

Why the Blazer and Jeans Combination?

1. It’s Suitable For a Variety of Occasions

You wouldn’t go wear a floor length gown for a Starbucks run and shorts and beach sandals are out of the question for a corporate meeting.

Womens Blazer with Jeans Outfits

However somewhere between errands and the Oscar red carpet, there’s an awful lot of middle ground and different occasions.

Jeans and blazers come in varying degrees of formality and when you combine them together, you get an instantly chic, fashionable outfit. Like magic.

2. It’s Customizable

With many formal pieces of business attire, you’re limited to just a few colors and cuts. You’re not trying to ruffle feathers in the workplace or cause a ruckus elsewhere.

Despite what the blazer may have you thinking initially, when you put on a blazer and jean outfit, you’re more free to express yourself as you see fit.


For example, do you want a slimming, higher fashion look? Wear dark jeans with a slimmer blazer cut.

Honestly looking for a more casual look before running out to meet a friend for coffee? Baggier jeans worn with flats might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Are You Ready to Make This Outfit Your Own?

Of course, the key to making sure that you’re wearing the clothes as opposed to the clothes wearing you, is to find ways of stamping it with your own personal signature.


Now this may not be easy to pin down, but we’ve distilled the basics of personalizing your styling with women’s blazer and jean outfits down into three distinct categories.

1. Consider the Degrees of Casual

The jeans and blazer concept may give you an outline, but the key features that determine how casual or formal the outfit looks can basically be broken down as follows:

  • Fit of the jeans
  • Fit of the blazer
  • The shirt worn with the blazer
  • Your shoes

The general rule here is that the slimmer the jeans are cut, the more high fashion this outfit combo is going to look.


With blazers, the rules aren’t nearly as hard and fast, because a loose blazer or blazer vest worn over a tighter shirt can still look like just as chic as a tighter blazer over the same outfit. It’s really a question of preference.

That being said, looser jeans with an overall looser shirt and blazer is usually going to look significantly more casual than the opposite.

Heels, Flats, Boots, or Sneakers?

If you’re traditionally a boots and sneakers kind of girl, then don’t let the blazer stop you from doing you, but if you’re headed on a date or a girl’s night out, the formality of your shoes will often dictate the formality of the finished outfit.

2. Experiment With Different Colors

Black and white may go with everything, but that doesn’t mean that you have to commit to a wearing all black or black and white ensembles.


We’re long past the days when jeans primarily came in blue denim. Now you can find all sorts of cuts in vibrant colors ranging from white to purple and even yellow. We’re not even gonna mention some of the interesting shirt patterns and outfits you can explore.

Find what you like and work it.

3. Complete The Look With Accessories

Have you ever noticed how the right pair of earrings or that one necklace can completely transform an outfit?

If you’re going for that sleek, modern, and edgy look, delicate silver pieces can take that style to the next level. On the other hand, if you’re opting for a more Bohemian style, chunkier pieces or wooden jewelry may be better options for what you’re after.


For women, the blazer and jeans outfit combination takes the formality of blazers and the accessibility of jeans and makes for one quick and easy way to be fashionable in virtually any situation. The versatility and sheer inventiveness of these outfits is very hard to beat.

Consider making your next outfit a jeans and blazer ensemble.

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