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Since I am traveling this week, I thought it would be fitting to do a ‘what’s in my bag: travel edition’ post! I love seeing the must have items people have in their bags, so I wanted to share my favorite things that I can’t travel without. Let me know if you have any good book suggestions for my plane ride home!


I love traveling with my Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM because it fits everything I would ever want/need to bring with me on a trip. I love that I can cinch the sides of the bag to make it smaller for everyday use, and I can expand it when I travel.


I have the Macbook air which is the perfect laptop to travel with. It is very lightweight and super thin, so it easily fits in my bag. I always bring my laptop with me so I can work while I am away, and it is nice to watch movies on the plane. You can find my marble laptop decal here.


I always carry on my must have cosmetics because I don’t like being without them when I travel. This facial mist is a life savior on long flights. When my face is feeling really dry I will spray this on my face (trying not to spray my neighbor!!), and my face feels so much fresher and more hydrated. Chapstick and lotion are also must haves for me- I always need easy access to them! I like traveling with a mini perfume to spritz myself (after I’m off the plane!) because it’s nice to freshen up after sitting on a plane for hours. When I travel I usually do not wear much makeup, but I love wearing my favorite lip gloss to add some color and shine to my lips.


This is an obvious one, but I always need my wallet with me when I travel. I usually take out the credit cards I will not be using on my trip, my gym card, etc. because I don’t like bringing things I know I will not be using. I also love this wallet because it doesn’t get lost in my big bag.


I always carry a planner with me because I like writing out my work schedule, knowing when I’m publishing my blog posts, and I like writing down any ideas that come to mind. I am so in love with this 2017 planner I just got! Brittany Fuson makes the cutest designs, you HAVE to see her holiday stuff!


I will seriously never ever travel without a blanket scarf! I am always freezing in airports and on the airplane, and it is so convenient to carry a blanket scarf in your bag that can double as a scarf and a blanket.


 Anytime I travel you will always find my phone (phone case here), sunglasses, and my favorite protein bar in my bag. These items are pretty self explanatory but I never go anywhere without them!




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