What to Wear with Leggings (The Definitive Guide)

Wondering what to wear with leggings? You’re not alone!

How many people turn to the versatility of leggings when they want to make their outfit pop? There are not enough women out there who look at leggings as a stylish addition to an outfit, given that they are widely advertised as “lounge” clothing or gym clothing, but stylish they are!

dark grey leggings

We’ve said that leggings are an extremely versatile piece of clothing, and they’re here to stay for now. Leggings are not only comfortable; they give far better coverage than tights do. They are also easy to move in than trousers and jeans – and yet the question still remains as to what to wear with them! We mostly have trouble trying to define leggings, given that they’re not quite tights, but they’re also not quite pants, but their beauty is in their mystery.

We have been shown images of leggings on pregnant women and exercising women and women who are pairing them with oversized sweaters for use around the house, so it’s no wonder that you would turn your nose up if they were suggested for the boardroom.

leggings when pregnant

However, when you style a pair of leggings in the right way, you create a chic and simple outfit that not only draws the eye but gives you an alternative option for the usual jeans and pants on the market. Wear them on a night out, in the gym, for a casual weekend with friends – even in the office.

The biggest question that you have to ask yourself is: how do I style them right in the first place?

For many, leggings are all about comfort, but if you look at the trends in the fashion world and even with celebrities right now, leggings are being worn every day and in various styles. They’re no longer reminiscent with the 1980s or early ’90s spandex and athletic wear, so it’s time to give leggings another look and show them off to the world for all the right reasons. On paper, it may be challenging to decide which fashion rules apply when it comes to wearing leggings, but it’s 2019, which means the only fashion trends that count are the ones that you choose for yourself!

Still, with all of that in mind, there are a few style tips that you need to remember when you’re getting dressed with leggings, but let’s take a look at the various styles of outfit you could start with and go from there!

5 Types of Leggings

We all know that leggings are soft and gentle on the body. They are thicker than tights, thinner than trousers or jeans and they are pocketless. There are also different types of leggings you can wear, so let’s define those before we go into what to wear with them:

Long Leggings

These are the most popular types of leggings on the market, and they can come in a variety of colors. They sit from hip – or waist – to ankle, and they cover the entire leg. They look like very thick footless tights.

Leggings Outfit with Blue Purse

Calf-Length Leggings

These are called “Capri” leggings on the fashion shelves, and they sit just below the knee at the top of the calf. They’re brilliant for the gym, as maternity comfort wear and even for loungewear in the summer months.


Some leggings are hip to ankle, and others are the same length but with a loop that hooks under each foot. This loop stops the leggings from riding up the leg, and it’s for this reason that they are very popular with boots.


Like very thick tights, these leggings encase the foot and work very similarly to trousers.

Knee-Length Leggings

Shorter than the Capri leggings, these sit just on the knee or below the kneecap.

As well as these, you can get leggings in multiple colors, thicker leggings for winter use and high-waisted varieties. You can even get leggings that are slashed up the sides or split on the knee, and you can choose other styles, which means that you are not limited in your options.

6 Ways to Wear Leggings

Now that we’ve got an idea of the types of leggings let’s talk outfits!

Leggings For The Office

Okay, so we’re talking leggings being loungewear, but are you really going to weather leather leggings in bed? Nope! So, let’s take this beautiful piece of fashion and turn it into something wearable elsewhere. The office is the best place to showcase your fashionable outfits professionally, and when you team black leather leggings with a blouse, trench coat and a pair of heeled boots, you get a professional and chic look without even trying! You can add colorful accessories for a more relaxed look, and a scarf will make your leggings pop in the winter months.

Leggings For The Gym

Athletic wear is so far-reaching that there is always a brand out there making a name for themselves with leggings. Athleisure is a brand that uses leggings for their gym wear because they’re versatile, moveable, and they breathe really well. You can easily stretch in leggings, and as they are thinner than track pants, they’re an easy option for anyone who loves to run. They are clingy to your legs, too, which makes them the perfect thing to wear on cardio machines so you won’t catch your clothing! Pair them with sneakers for a casual, athletic look.

Leggings For Summer

You wouldn’t think leggings for summer, but no one wants to wear jeans in the heat. If you’re not open to wearing shorts just yet, leggings can be a happy medium to keep you fresh. One of the biggest fashion tips you can get for leggings in the summer is to make sure that they’re high-waisted; they can be teamed with the perfect crop top when they are high waisted, and choose pale colors for reflecting the sunshine. Capri leggings with flat sandals are also an excellent option for keeping cool and looking chic all at once.

Leggings For Comfort

Whether winter or summer, you can use leggings for comfort any time of the year. Use an oversized tee or an oversized sweater to relax in, and you can lounge in ultimate comfort. Add sneakers or warm, flat boots like Uggs during the winter, and you’ll feel comfortable and energetic no matter where you are. Embracing a casual style will mean that your outfit is cozy, simple, and ready to wear wherever you are.

Leggings For A Night Out

Who wants to sweat it out in jeans on the dance floor? Sometimes, jeans are aesthetically pleasing but are not as comfortable when dancing the night away. Leggings, on the other hand, nail it every time! Leather leggings may be for the office, but they’re also for the dance floor, too. Leather leggings in black, with a sparkly top and a pair of killer heels, will instantly lift your butt and make your legs look and feel inches longer.

Leggings For Pregnancy

Finding comfortable maternity wear isn’t an easy thing to do. Every pregnant woman should feel chic, comfortable, and confident while her body is changing, and with the Spanx Maternity leggings range that you can see, you can make your pregnancy as stylish as possible. Flat boots or pumps with an oversized maternity shirt or sweater can make you feel insanely comfortable, and the leggings you buy will fit you as your bump grows!

Tips For Styling Leggings

You can wear leggings with almost everything. From long-line vest tops to baggy tees for pure comfort, you can choose anything you like to set off a pair of leggings perfectly. While there are no real “rules” that you should wear leggings in a certain way or with a certain type of top or shoe, you should consider styling your leggings so that YOU look fantastic. Rocking your personal style can still happen with leggings, you just need to be willing to send your own self-confidence soaring! Let’s take a look at some of the things that you should consider when styling your leggings:

Your Shape

You are a Goddess, so it stands to reason that you should feel like it when you wear leggings for the day. Apple and pear-shaped ladies should consider wearing long tank tops or oversized shirts with their leggings of choice, but really there’s no rule here. If you want to rock what you’ve got, wear crop tops if you like! The thick thigh is a beauty, but there are still those who wish to make their thighs look slender in the sunlight. If that’s you, think about footed leggings or ankle-length leggings; for these will give you legs that go on for days.

Balance Your Colors

Leggings can be any color you like, but if you have chosen checkered leggings for your day, go with a solid top to match. Patterns on patterns can hurt the eyes and look too “messy.” However, we’re sure that there are plenty of you who are utter geniuses when it comes to matching different prints, so if you have an eye for what works for your coloring and your shape, carry on and enjoy the new look you’ve given yourself. All you need to do is ensure that the colors, patterns, and textures all compliment each other nicely.

Add Layers

Leggings always look better when they are layered. So, add leggings to a long tunic top and then a waterfall cardigan for more texture to the look. Add long socks under long boots, too, for an even more layered look. Leggings really don’t have any boundaries, so if you want to go truly out there with your leggings look, add a pair of colored, patterned leggings under ripped jeans. The leggings will shine through, and everyone will see your fashion genius.


Leggings are a transitional piece to wear for your fashion efforts, which means that they look as good with boots as they do with sandals. Whether you have a preference for sneakers or pumps, your leggings choices will look amazing. Bold color footwear can set off black leggings nicely, and bright red heels with leather leggings will change the game for your office look. Just have fun playing around with different looks; you’ll get the look you want eventually.

Full Coverage

The beauty of leggings is that you can use them in place of trousers, jeans and even tights. Wearing them under a skirt is a popular option, as is wearing leggings undershorts. They give your body the ultimate coverage, and you can provide more coverage to your outfit with a long cardigan, too. Leggings give your legs fantastic coverage, no matter how thick, long, thin or short the top you pair them with is. Don’t worry about that “too short” mini skirt in the closet you haven’t worn yet: you now can with a pair of amazing leggings.


Lastly, the one thing that your outfits ALWAYS need is accessories. Choose those that complement the color, style, pattern, and texture of the leggings you’ve got your eye on. Don’t be afraid to go bold with your pieces, scarves and even your socks: these accessories should make your outfit look fantastic, not take away from it. Pick great colors and shake things up a little. Add jewelry to your ankles with Capri leggings, and choose to wear bright heels with footed leggings. Accessories are easy to choose, so don’t hesitate to go big with yours if you want to do so.

Leggings are an amazing addition to the wardrobe due to their comfort, style options, and versatility. Anything you want to wear will look good, and they’re suitable for all occasions. All you need to do now is to gather your confidence and make your leggings choices that will make you feel confident and comfortable at the same time. Red leggings with that little blacktop for a night out? There are no holds barred when it comes to pairing your leggings into outfits that will make your soul sing.

I hoped this helped you learn what to wear to with leggings. Let me know if you have any questions!

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