Wondering how to look perfect for that concert you’re excited to go to this 2023? Read further for tips and ideas.

Heading to a concert is always an adventure. If you are looking for a fun time and a great chance to spend time with your loved ones, a concert is a great activity to enjoy.


When preparing for your trip to a concert, there will likely be a lot of things on your mind. There are many items you will need to bring along, travel to arrange, and activities both before and after the fact.

A concert can be amazing and of course, there are plenty of different types of a concert for you to head out and enjoy. So whether you are heading for a rock concert, Coachella or something totally different, here are some great outfits for you to choose from today.

The Summer Two-Piece

If you are planning to head for a trip to Coachella or another outdoor concert, you’ll want to dress both comfortable and stylish. When getting ready for a concert, such as this, it is important to consider the weather and the heat of the sun.

This is why a breezy two-piece or playsuit can be an amazing idea because you’ll be able to stay cool all day and still look great.

You will want to pair this outfit with a hat to keep your head protected, as well as sunglasses. Make sure to bring a bag with you to carry things such as water, sunscreen, towels, makeup, and money.

Bandana Babe

If you are heading for a concert outdoors in the summertime, you can keep it pretty simple and add a colorful accessory to liven up the look in minutes. This simple outfit consists of a denim skirt, white vest, and a red bandana to frame soft curls.

It is a great outfit idea that will allow you to stay comfortable all day long and enjoy your day. Round the whole thing off with some converse and a tan bag for the ideal summer outfit.

The Slouchy Sweater

When you go to watch a concert, chances are you will spend a lot of the evening jumping around and dancing, and the last thing you want in this case is to wear something restrictive and tight. This is why a slouchy sweater paired with grey boots and jeans can be the ideal choice. These are the essentials in the outfit that will make you look and feel fab.

It will still give off a dressy vibe without you feeling locked into a tight shirt or dress. You’ll be able to go ahead and eat and drink whatever you want without worrying about the bloat!

Dress and Ankle Boots

This outfit is perhaps one of the most classic choices of all when it comes to a concert outfit. If you are unsure what to wear, style up a cute skater dress paired with ankle boots for the perfect balance between dressy and casual.

Flaunt your favorite floral or other pattern and wear a simple shoulder strap bag to keep your valuables close by. Styling your hair in a half-up style really finished off the look and puts it all together.

The Graphic Tee

What could make you look more concert ready than a graphic tee? If you are heading out for a trip to a rock concert, make sure to put on a band tee and flaunt it for the evening.

You can pair a graphic tee with a pair of jeans, leather pants, a denim skirt, and a leather jacket. Your edgy-rocker side will definitely come out in this look. You’ll give off the ultimate rock chick vibe that’s ideal for a concert!

Mini Sweater Dress

One stunning idea for any type of concert is to wear a mini sweater dress along with a pair of over the knee boots. This is a surefire way to look sexy and elegant, and pairing it with a hat and cardigan will allow you to layer up or down during the show! The hat and the over the knee boots make the perfect accessory to dress up this look.



If you are heading out for a concert straight after work, or you are going with some work pals, why not flaunt that sexy office style? Bring out your professional side and mix it with your stylish side.

You can pair a fitted blazer with a pair of ripped jeans and heels to create the ideal balance of working girl and playing hard. It will be a stylish outfit that will keep you looking suave all evening and everyone will want to steal your style! You will look like absolute fire and “CEO” like, but in the best way possible.

The Summer Sing Along

If you are planning to go to a concert in a park during the summer, or an outdoor beer garden concert, you might want to dress things up a bit with a cute pastel dress. You can dress this up with an array of accessories that will make the look so trendy.

This will be a great way to stay cool and comfortable as well as give off a classy vibe. Pair this with a thin shawl and small clutch for a cute and classy look. For cool weather grab a denim jacket.

Winter Wonderland

Sometimes a Christmas light switch-on will also have a concert and entertainment to go with it, and this is the ideal outfit for this occasion. Wrapping up warm to winter whilst also staying fashionable can be a challenge, however, this strikes a balance between the two to end up with the perfect winter style.

Pair jeans and long boots with a black jacket, white hat, and gloves, and then add a hint of color with a tartan print scarf. A black or white bag will work with this get-up and keep your belongings safe and sound.

The Date Night Concert

If a new partner or your loved one has arranged a concert trip for you this weekend, the likelihood is that you will also head for food and a drink, too. This means you will want to wear something that dresses up for a date as well as being comfortable enough for the concert in the evening.

A simple pairing of a skater skirt, boots, and a red top will give off a romantic vibe whilst also being comfortable to wear. Red is the color of love and it will provide a stunning accent to black pieces.

Bardot and Jeans

If you are ever looking for a type of clothing that looks great as well as being simple, a Bardot top is ideal. Bardot style tops are great because they transform the idea of a regular tee into something that looks more put-together and stylish. It’s amazing for a music festival or any other concert you’ve been invited to.

Consider pairing this with a pair of jeans or a bold colored midi skirt for a stunning yet simple outfit choice.

Now that you know what to wear for a concert, here’s a quick checklist of everything you should bring along with you for the ride:

1. Extra clothes – no matter how well you think you have prepared for your concert, the weather can be temperamental and someone might spill a drink on you during the show. Always bring some spare layers as well as a spare top just in case anything happens.

2. Trainers – boots look amazing but they might be hard to wear all night, bring along a pair of trainers to change into if your feet start to ache.

trainer shoes

3. Money – Although you might not head to a concert with the intention of buying anything, it is better to be safe. Bring some money for a band tee or a drink or two during the show.

4. Hair tie – After a few hours of headbanging, dancing, and singing… your hair might be getting in the way. Keep a hair tie around your wrist to make sure this isn’t an issue.

hair tie

5. Smartphone – DON’T spend the entire concert filming on your phone, because if you are to do this you may as well watch the concert on TV. Instead, your phone should be for emergencies only.

6. Mints – This might seem like a random addition but you’ll be glad to chew on a mint after a while of being in a concert hall with loads of people!


7. Earphones – on the way to the show you can get yourself pumped up with a track or two!

8. Tissues – whether it’s crying at an emotional ballad or getting the sniffles after being in a small space with other people… bring tissues with you to a concert. Having tissues will make your life so much easier and it will ensure that you aren’t caught off guard.

pocket tissue

9. The Tickets – Obviously you’ll remember the tickets to the concert you are seeing… right? Well, this can actually be a real problem when you are rushing around to get ready, so stay on the safe side and scan the tickets to your phone as well as bringing the paper copies.

10. First aid kit – Always bring a first aid kit with you if you are heading out for an adventure such as this. Being in a concert can get a bit rowdy and one of you might fall over and get a scrape or two. Having wipes and plasters on hand will be a lifesaver.

first aid kit

Concerts can be amazing places to enjoy, and with our tips on what to wear to a concert, as well as our quick handy checklist, you should have no trouble at all having the time of your life and looking great while you do!

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