11 Best Stores Like Urban Outfitters in 2023 You’ll Love

If you are looking for stores like Urban Outfitters that can give you a vast range of fashion options and dress many generations of fashionistas at the same time, we’ve compiled a little list of the 11 best options available.

Urban Outfitters is a favorite destination for anybody who loves the trendy combination of edgy outfits with casual and comfortable wear in a vast range of boho to vintage styles.

urban outfitters2

Unlike many other high street stores, UO can appeal both to teens and millennials without ever making any generation feel unrepresented. It’s a delicate balance to create but, it’s precisely the diversity of styles and the continuous efforts made by the brand to maintain its mission to the customers that make Urban Outfitters the number one, cross-generational fashion store.

#1. Shop Mango

Mango is the most accessible and affordable store that French-inspired and Mediterranean style will ever be. For anybody who worries that the French style may not be achievable, Mango is the proof that you don’t have to break the bank or even transform your everyday outfit to find something that is both elegant and playful.

mango logo

Of the list of stores like Urban Outfitters, Mango is the one that brings edgy designs, boho and vintage looks at the same level as the much-desired French girl’s style.

Think of it as the French cousin of Urban Outfitters. Here, styles are cross-generational like UO, and in fact, you can even find something for Baby Boomers at Mango.


With easy silhouettes and relaxed cuts (even their skinny designs are unbelievably comfortable), Mango gives you a lesson in effortless playfulness and style.

#2. Get to Know H&M Style

Perhaps it’s because H&M is the IKEA of clothing that most people have started to ignore. Ultimately, you can find everything and anything at H&M. And because of that, it’s one of the most satisfying options for stores like Urban Outfitters.

hm logo

With thousands of different products, cross-generation shopping is a thing for H&M. However, at its core, the brand loves the same mixture of vintage and romantic boho looks that has made Urban Outfitters popular.

For the plaid pants that look like something out of the grungy 1990s era to a long and floaty floral dress, you’re likely to find plenty of outfits that remind you of UO’s unique collection.

More importantly, H&M has been developing its sustainable lines and services, helping many customers to find a green solution to their fashion dilemmas. Because you can look trendy and stay green at the same time.

#3. Reformation Trending Selection

Reformation loves effortless silhouettes so much that it’s made its mission to celebrate the feminine shape in all simplicity. As a result, the design process delivers not only unique cuts and outfits but also the perfect fit regardless of your body shape.

reformation logo

With a vast range of sizes, from petite to curvy, the brand wants to make beautiful and romantic fashion accessible to all. The standard line is best suited for women between 5’6 and 5’10, but thankfully the added petite and curvy lines bring the right fit to all body shapes and sizes.

reformation store

For someone who is looking for stores like Urban Outfitters that redefine urban romantic styles, Reformation offers a sustainable and easy-to-wear option to transform your wardrobe. The brand is a favorite for casual and elegant dresses with a variety of designs and cuts that celebrates the woman’s body.

#4. Check Compania Fantastica Store

Compania Fantastica is a lesser-known brand if you’re not familiar with European fashion. The Spanish fashion store offers a different take on neutral outfits, with a variety of loud prints and patterns ranging from bright red tomatoes to flamingoes.

compania fantastica logo

With plenty of personality and originality, it’s the most vibrant collection you can find around. However, it easily sustains the comparison and makes it on the list of the stores like Urban Outfitters, thanks to its eas- to-wear cuts and simple fits.

compania fantastica store

Sure, you may not be ready to wear tomato pants, but as soon as you put them on, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the simple design of the brand. Compania Fantastica is a bold alternative to UO that doesn’t compromise on comfort, ease of wear, and edgy design.

#5. Uniqlo Finds – Quality for Reasonable Prices

Uniqlo is a Japan-born brand that feels at home everywhere in the world. More buyers are still convinced they’re discovering a minimalist fashion empire that was first created a couple of years ago.

uniqlo logo2

However, the brand has turned 70, and still feels such as exciting and creative as the first day. The reason behind this is that Uniqlo is reasonably new to the rest of the world, which is why most of us assume it’s a brand new shop.

But, as it happens, Uniqlo is one of the oldest stores like Urban Outfitters and has honed its unique design and style over seven decades all around the world.

uniqlo store

Specialist in casual wear and simple cuts, Uniqlo offers a new definition of stylish comfort for men and women. Each design is ideally timed to meet the current market trends!

#6. WildFox Californian Vibes 

If you’re not native to California or not a lover of beach sports days, you probably have never heard of WildFox. WildFox meets Urban Outfitters’ love for vintage style with a retro collection that has been made to live under the California sun.

wildfox logo

Of all the brands, WildFox is, by far, one of the most stylish stores like Urban Outfitters for those who love a good retro shirt. Anybody who dreams of bright flowery shirts, cozy shorts, and faded pastel hues is up for a treat on the WildFox site.

wildfox store

Admittedly, it’s fair to mention that you might find it hard to appreciate those sunny designs in colder climates or anywhere that isn’t directly by the beach. Many customers think of it as the beach store extension of Urban Outfitters!

#7. Free People Chic

If you are familiar with the history of Urban Outfitters, you probably know that when the store was first launched, it was called Free People.

freepeople logo

The idea was to create feminine cuts and colors for free-spirited individuals who don’t want to be defined by harsh and edgy trends. As the company grew, it branched out in a variety of stores and brands, including the now-famous Urban Outfitters.

free people store2

However, for anybody who’s known the company since the start, it’s fair to say that Free People is, of the list of stores like Urban Outfitters, the one that is closest to the source. It is, after all, what Urban Outfitters used to be.

#8. ModCloth Vintage Wear

ModCloth appeals to everybody who loves the edgy vintage take that Urban Outfitters has on fashion. For those who were teens in the 1990s and are delighted to re-discover pieces and cuts they used to wear and those who love the idea of getting dressed just like the previous generation, Urban Outfitters’ vintage and retro style is a source of inspiration.


Nobody does vintage clothing as well as ModCloth, one of the most retro stores like Urban Outfitters on the list. Who is it for?

modcloth store

ModCloth is for retro lovers who are sick of looking for a vintage 1950s dress on eBay. The brand offers a modern and comfortable approach to unique vintage designs.

#9. Try Pinko Italian Fashion

Pinko is an Italian fashion brand that embraces a combination of relaxed clothing and bold colors. Per the Italian style, it is the best outfit ideas for active professionals who don’t want to compromise on comfort or femininity, but who can’t bear the thought of wearing dull office wear.

pinko logo

While it might seem miles away from the typical UO audience, in reality, Pinko is of all the stores like Urban Outfitters, the ideal introduction to the brand’s mission: accessible clothes that complement your style without looking out of place.

pinko store

Just like you can pick a few selected pieces from UO, Pinko lets you spice up your everyday outfit with unique accessories and blouses.

#10. Choose United Colors of Benetton

You might have forgotten about Benetton, but the Italian fashion brand has reconquered the audience with modern, bold, and creative designs. Deemed old-fashioned in the 1990s, the United Colors of Benetton has embraced all the stages of a perfect revival, bringing colors and playfulness at the heart of their collection.


They are one of the edgier stores like Urban Outfitters, with designs and cuts that you probably haven’t seen anywhere else.

benetton store

They keep their heart in the 1980s and 1990s but make sure their clothes can look and feel every bit like a modern piece.

#11. Desigual Fun Spanish Mix

Desigual is a Spanish brand that is not afraid of mixing bold patterns. For anybody who wants unique accessories, it’s the go-to store.


As such, it’s one of the best stores, like Urban Outfitters, that offers a range of unique and creative accessories, from bags to jewelry.

desigual store

While you can also find plenty of clothing items, it’s fair to say that Desigual may not be suited to everyone’s style. It’s loud and proud of its vibrancy, making it hard for minimalistic dressers to find something outside of the accessory range!

If you’re looking for a change of scenery after a year-long of UO fashion purchases, this list of 11 stores that are a little like Urban Outfitters but not 100% alike, is the perfect alternative to vary your style without getting out of your comfort zone.

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