22 Best Stores Like Anthropologie – Stylish Findings 2023

We all love Anthropologie, but have you thought about shopping from stores like Anthropologie? From thick, luscious wools to gorgeous scented candles, and beautiful finishing touches for your home, Anthropologie has everything! But what about when – horror of horrors – they run out of stock? Or you fall in love with an item and the size just isn’t right?

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Well, here you’ll find some stores with just as beautiful a collection as Anthropologie, made with the same care and attention to detail that we all know and love. If you can’t get enough of the beautiful bohemian style Anthropologie gives us, then you won’t want to miss the stores below – they will definitely have pieces destined to become your new faves!

Keep reading so you don’t miss out.

Fashion Stores Like Anthropologie

1. Nordstrom

nordstrom logo

If you’re not already a huge fan of this store, what’s holding you back?

nordstrom store

There’s so much more to them than their Anniversary Sale, although that definitely is a plus! All their clothes are versatile and pieces like this sweater can be layered up or down in just about every season.

2. Staud

staud logo

This store is sure to become a new fave.

staud display

Not only do their pieces have the mixture of floatiness and detail that we’ve come to expect from Anthropologie, but you can mix and match pretty much everything they have for sale so you’ve got an endlessly versatile wardrobe–who doesn’t love that?!

3. Reformation

reformation logo

Reformation seems to be everywhere right now, and it’s easy to see why. Their blend of sustainable fashion and unique design means they’re quickly becoming a “fan” favorite. If you are a fan of stores like Anthropologie you will definetly love their items and prices.

reformation store

They take pride in being ‘what we want to wear right now’ so there’ll definitely be pieces here that will keep your wardrobe in the trendiest styles.

4. Shopbop

shopbop logo

Not only are there wardrobe staples and must-haves, but you’ll also be able to find designer labels and fabulous one-offs here.

shopbop store

The guys and gals at Shopbop have put together articles for certain occasions, like their Vacation Checklist! It’s absolutely essential for when you’re packing to jet off on your holidays.

5. & Other Stories like Anthropologie

other stories logo

Owned by the brand of H&M and offering a stunning selection from and inspired by romantic cities like Stockholm and Paris, “& Other Stories” has a huge selection and their iconic designs will give you the true freedom to express your personal style.

other stories store

You can mix and match these pieces easily with each other or the rest of your wardrobe for a truly bohemian look.

6. Fashion by Revolve

revolve logo

You already know how a fur vest can be one of your fall wardrobe staples, but the most stylish ones come from Revolve, and it’s not just the faux fur they do well!

revolve store

Make sure you check out their holiday dresses. With so many styles to choose from – bohemian, cut-out, embellished & sequinned – there’ll definitely be something you love for this holiday!

7. Planet Blue

planet blue logo

Still with the same sense of bohemian whimsy as Anthropologie, but giving us more of the beachy, Cali-girl sexy than the wintry layers you can create from some of the other stores. Planet Blue should be your first stop for your sunny vacation wardrobe!

planet blue store

8. Free People boho clothing brand

freepeople logo

With unique yet feminine designs, Free People offer their own inspiring collections. Venturing into sportswear and athleisure, you can find anything your heart might desire on their website.

free people store2

Known for their sustainable sourcing and irresistible designs, this is one that has new arrivals regularly so it is always worth keeping an eye on.

9. Madewell – chic vintage

madewell logo

Always an absolute favorite, this store has beautiful clothing from denim, to dresses, and covers just about any accessory you can think of!

madewell store

Everything is made really well (hence: Madewell), and the sizing comes up fantastically. Check it out for some unbeatable holiday buys.

10. Kate Spade

kate spade logo

If you’re happy to spend that little bit more, then with its bold colors and prints, luxurious fabrics and sleek designs, Kate Spade is a perfect partner to anything Anthropologie.

kate spade store

Although sophisticated, Kate Spade ties this up with playfulness and vibrancy so it won’t leave you feeling average. And psst… did someone say Kate Spade homeware?!

11. Urban Outfitters

urban outfitters logo

There just can’t be a post about stores like Anthropologie which doesn’t include Urban Outfitters. They give us a stunning selection, moving from fashion to homeware, to accessories like phone cases and jewelry boxes.

urban outfitters2

But all this comes without the (dare we say it, sometimes steep) price-tag of Anthropologie. While you can buy gorgeous, bohemian-style clothing, there are also slightly edgier ranges, and there’ll definitely be something you love.

12. Zappos

zappos logo

Just like our favorite Anthropologie, Zappos allows you to browse a selection of clothing for adults and children as well. It’s been up and running for over twenty years, so you can be sure of getting some good quality customer service if you do have any questions.

zappos store

Check out their site for special offers and more.

13. Topshop


Although shopping in Top Shop is a little like panning for gold sometimes, if you have the patience, you can find some truly unique pieces. From floaty dresses and scarves to gladiator sandals and jeans, whatever need, Top Shop will have it.

topshop store

Although the fabric might not be quite up there with Anthropologie, mixing and matching Top Shop pieces with your pricier ones will give you a beautiful bohemian vibe.

14. Christy Dawn

christy dawn logo

The brand known as Christy Dawn is a Los-Angeles based clothing store where they first began making vintage dresses from deadstock fabric. The brand has grown since then, expanding into jumpsuits, tops, and outerwear.

christy dawn store

Their dresses are still their most iconic pieces, though. They’re inspired by vintage silhouettes and will have you reaching for your credit card!

15. American Eagle

american eagle logo

You better believe American Eagle deserves a place in this list! Gone are the days of shirts with logos. AE in 2023 is fresh and bold and sits somewhere between Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 in terms of style.

american eagle store

You can be confident that your wardrobe essentials and anything else you might need is taken care of here.

16. Emma and Chloe

emma & chloe logo

It’s a jewelry subscription box from French designers that will help you accessorize your wardrobe with styles similar to the gorgeous pieces in Anthropologie (for less than half the price).

Part of the joy of a subscription box is the surprise of opening it and finding something new that you might not have chosen for yourself. These pieces will suit your bohemian, whimsical style and sit perfectly in the rest of your wardrobe.

Beauty Stores Like Anthropologie

17. Beauty Brands

beauty brands logo

This site is well worth bookmarking. You can find so many beauty products like the ones in the beauty section of Anthropologie, from luxury face creams and anti-aging products to hair products.

beauty brands store

They stock really high-quality items so it’s worth having a browse and seeing what catches your eye.

18. Sephora

sephora logo

When you think of luxury beauty, Sephora has to be one of the first stores you think of. Their face creams will perk your skin up through the dry seasons and soak right in like slipping into a warm bath!

sephora store

They have a wide range of products and also make fabulous gifts if you’re still searching for something for that special someone.

19. BirchBox

birchbox logo

There’s nothing like treating yourself with a little gift box that arrives once a month. BirchBox gives you their selections of top-of-the-range beauty products.


All you do is pick your categories and you’ll get a treat through the mail on a monthly basis. You can cancel at any time and anyone who loves Anthropologie is sure to delight in the whimsy of trying the unknown!

20. Ulta Beauty

ulta beauty logo

With a super catalog of products, including makeup tools and a section for men, Ulta Beauty is where you can really fill those gaps in your beauty collection. A place where you’ll find both luxury and drugstore makeup, skincare and hair products.

ulta beauty store

There’s a gift guide available at the moment if you’re looking to treat someone – or you’re sending a list of your own to your significant other! No vouchers here please!

Vintage Inspired Home Decor 

21. Fishs Eddy

fishs eddy

With mason jars and painted plates, this store’s homeware has all the quirky details that you’ll find from Anthropologie.

fishs eddy store

Their designs are original and colorful and their painted glassware and linens will make any room pop with color.

22. Valfre

valfre logo

Ok, so it’s maybe not as sophisticated as Anthropologie, but if you’re looking to bring a little fun and joy to your day-to-day activities with bits and pieces that will make you smile, Valfre is the place to browse.

valfre store


Just like Anthropologie, this store can offer you so much, from pins and coats to greetings cards and phone cases. And with the holidays approaching, Valfre just might give you some much-needed gift-buying inspo for the person who’s hardest to buy for in your life!

Anthropologie is a gorgeous store to visit, just for the experience alone. Browsing the homeware and leafing through racks of gorgeous clothes, with prints, patterns, and textures to suit your style and occasion is always a joy.


But it’s wonderful to know that you can find similar things in a range of other stores so you can mix and match a couple of pieces to your heart’s content.

Use this guide as a springing-off point for stores like Anthropologie for a shopping experience like no other!

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