Best Shoes to Wear with Skinny Jeans

What are the best shoes to wear with skinny jeans?

You’ve slipped on a stylish pair of hip-hugging jeans. You simply love the slimming line they create for your body. Skinny jeans put all of the attention on your body and your shape. And, it goes without saying, the right pair of shoes is a must for any complete look. As the eye runs from the hips down the narrowing leg, what should be at the bottom of them? With a bit of careful planning, you may be able to find a pair of shoes perfect for your skinny jeans.

Long and Tall Boots

The simplest and the most fitting finishing piece to your look is a pair of boots. Leather, well fitting and tightly hugging your legs, these boots need to convey a message. Because skinny jeans offer a tapered look and draw the eye downward naturally, it is important to make your boots a statement piece. Look for those with fine leather and beautiful markings. You also want to choose a pair of boots you love. This is the pop of color and style that will complete your look.

Not Just Any Heels

Skinny jeans completed with a pair of fabulous heels is an excellent option. However, you’ll want to look for heels with character and charm. Here are some guidelines:

  • Choose a dramatic heel – one with a significant amount of length to continue that long leg look.
  • Choose something with bright or deep color. Again, you want your shoes to complete the look.
  • Consider accessories that complete the look, such as a few polished studs or even cutouts.
  • Always go for a pointed toe. Looking straight on, they complete the long leg look your skinny jeans create.
  • If you need a neutral color, keep the focus on the jeans instead. Choose a pair with a few rips and tears, then complete the look with a pair of simple, nude heels.

What About Wedges?

Wedges can work well with skinny jeans as well, but you need to choose the right pair. Look for those designed with enough of a statement to really stand out. Color, an oversized look, or those with a large, open top help to create more drama and appeal than a simple pair. As the eye naturally runs down the leg, these shoes need to stand out.

Ground Rules for Choosing Skinny Jean Shoes

No matter where you are headed in your skinny jeans, remember these rules:

  • Focus on color. Make sure your shoes are dramatic.
  • A big heel – on any type of shoe – works better than a simple flat.
  • When you don’t want to look as tall, do the opposite. Choose skinny jeans with simplistic features instead.
  • Put your money into your shoes. In other words, invest in a fabulous pair here. This helps ensure your shoes make the statement.
  • Tennis shoes and skinny jeans? Only when you want those shoes to truly stand out as your style piece.

Let the look and feel of your skinny jeans determine your shoe choice. Most importantly, do not let your shoes blend in with your look. Let them stand out. It only creates a more dramatic feel and creates more suspense in your look. From elegant to simplistic, you will love the details, look, and feel of the right pair of shoes with your skinny jeans.

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