13 Best Pink Outfits Every Woman Will Adore – 2023 Trends

When it comes to feeling pretty in pink, you’ve probably already got some go-to pink outfits.

Pink is a color that flatters our rosy cheeks in wintertime and highlights our golden glow in the summer sun. It can cheer you up when the rain is falling and the temperatures have dropped, and it can add some feminine charm to a dull office outfit.

Pink looks great. But, whatever we are doing, it can also make us feel feminine, beautiful, and strong.

Whatever you may hear about feminists not wearing pink outfits is far from true. Feminists know that they can wear whatever makes them happy and comfortable, regardless of any rules that society may put on them.

That said, pink is often the Marmite of the color wheel. Some of us adore it.

We love anything pink. We paint our homes pink, we’re always on the lookout for pretty pink accessories, and we love to walk out in outfits that scream pink at the world.

Others aren’t so keen, and it’s easy to see why. Too much, or choose a shade that doesn’t compliment your skin tone and you’ve got a sickly sweet ensemble that is hard to look at and overpowering.

When it comes to pink outfits, it’s vital that you take the time to get it right: know your skin tone and understand what suits you.

Understand the factors that you have control over to change, such as your hair color, your style, and other fashion choices, but also understand there are factors out of your control, such as the weather and your environment.

1. Pairing Pink

The trouble with pink outfits is often knowing how to work with it. A pink jacket can look glorious but pair it with pink leggings, or an equally girly pastel or bright shade, and you risk looking like a sweet shop or a weird sort of pink smurf, it can easily be too much.

So, know how to pair pink. A Chunky pink sweater can look fantastic with skinny blue jeans.

pink and jeans

A pink hat, scarf, and gloves can elevate your dull black jacket. Pink pumps or trainers can look amazing with a pink sweatshirt, as long as there’s another color in between.

Bright pink, black, and white can give you a retro 50’s vibe, and blush and white work well to create a sophisticated look. For an everyday outfit, you can’t go wrong with denim and pink for the perfect easy to wear look.

2. Mix Your Shades

That said, mixing different shades of pink in one outfit can work well, especially if they are at the ends of the spectrum, or there isn’t too much pink to start with.

mixed pink outfit

A dress that has pink as part of its main pattern could look beautiful with pink accessories or even a pink jacket. Light blush teams well with bold bubblegum, so don’t be scared to experiment with different shades.

3. Office Attire

When it comes to office wear or business dress, it can be hard for women to look the part, while keeping their personality. A trouser or skirt suit is the obvious answer, but they can be so dull, and they’re not always as comfortable as you’d like to be.

So, feel free to add some funk to your workwear with a splash of pink here and there. A blush or rose color can look sophisticated with a white Oxford shirt or a chic blouse.

pink office outfit

Equally, adding a bright fuchsia shirt to a dark skirt or trousers and jacket can add a little fun. A pink roll neck jumper with wide-leg pants can look smart on a cooler day.

If you want to be bold, but do something a little different, add a pink patent shoe to those boring business suits. You certainly won’t feel boring or, for a more dressed-down look, team a light pink blazer with a white top, skinny jeans, and heels.

4. Lounging Around in Pink

Lounge days at home can be wonderful. A proper chance to feel free and relax, unwind, and slob out in front of the TV.

We all need it sometimes. But, we still feel better if we know that we look good.

pink short pajamas

A pair of pink PJs or some loose fit sweats with a baggy pink tee can give you that stylish just out of bed look, perfect for getting comfy, but the idea is presentable if someone rings the doorbell.

5. Cheery Pink Outerwear

Why are most winter coats dark grey, black, or navy blue? Why does dull weather mean that we have to wear flat colors when perhaps what we need more than anything is a pop of color to cheer us up and brighten the skyline?

pink winter outfit

Pink winter waterproofs are a great way to make a statement with your style. Don’t neglect comfort, warmth, and practicality, but let the world see that you are going to be cheery, no matter how grey the day.

6. Occasionwear

When it comes to occasionwear, pink is certainly your friend. All pinks can be flattering, as well as eye-catching.

pink occasionwear

Decide whether you want to accessorize with pink, in which case, choose a dark dress and add pops of color where you can. If you want the main body of your look to be pink,  you should be more subtle with those extras.

7. Add Layers

Pinks are fabulous when it comes to layering. Find some basic skinny jeans, add those layers, add a chunky pink sweater, a plain oversized scarf, a black leather jacket, and finish the look with a bold pink bag and shoes.

pink winter outfit

Or, layer those pinks. Start at one end of the spectrum with either very dark or very pale and work your way up or down with each layer, adding whites or blacks if you need to break it up.

8. Texture

Texture adds depth to an outfit and gives you way more to do with the color. Chunky knits are great, but smooth silks and delicate lace can also work well.

pink textured gown

Experiment wearing different textures together, using bright pink wool, or dark pink velvet for depth and sophistication.

9. Accessorizing Pink

Either accessorize pink or accessorize with pink, but try not to do both (unless the shades are vastly different). When it comes to accessories, pink bags, hats, scarves, and gloves can transform any outfit or, smaller accessories, such as earrings, can add a more subtle splash of color.

accessorizing pink outfit

When it comes to accessorizing a pink outfit, think whites and blacks. When it comes to jewelry, white gold and silver are subtle and draw attention to your pink clothes.

10. Add a Hat

There’s nothing cuter than a bobble hat in the winter. A pink winter hat will keep you warm and make an impression.

pink hat

Team with matching accessories, especially if you don’t feel brave enough for the pink coat. In the summer, a pink cap or sunhat can be equally cute.

11. Choose Block Color

Blocks of pink are perhaps the best way to go if you are worried about a clash. Team a plain pink sweater with blue denim, or a pink shirt with a chunky white jumper.

block pink

These blocks of color are easy to pair with dark or light shades and easy to accessorize. Block pink is a great way to experiment with this color and to learn more about which shades suit you.

12. Indulge in Pattern

If you are already comfortable with pink, and you know what shades work well with your skin tone, you might want to start experimenting with patterns.

pink patterned outfit

For an easy, feminine look, opt for floral prints, either in large patterns, or more delicate designs. Or, be wild and try some pink animal prints.

13. Athleisure

Whether you are a gym bunny or a couch potato, you can’t have failed to notice that athleisure is exceptionally trendy at the moment. Whether you are hitting the gym or making a fashion choice, rose, blush, and muted pink all look great on leggings and crops — team with blues, greys, and gold for a sporty, yet stylish look.

pink athleisure outfit

Accessorize more everyday athleisure outfits with a pink reusable water bottle, or a trendy slogan gym bag in pink. Pink running shoes or black shoes with a pink go faster stripe can also work well.

Top Tips for Dressing In Pink

  • Experiment with shades
  • Add texture and depth
  • There is such a thing as too much
  • Works well with jeans and plain colors
  • Don’t be scared of pink patterns
  • Play it safe with block color
  • Works well with white, black, blue, gold, cream, grey, and some pastel shades
  • Accessorize with pink, or accessorize pink, not both
  • Go bold with bright shades teamed with jeans
  • Wear things that make you smile
  • Wear pink on Wednesdays
  • Take notice of which shades suit you

What to Avoid

  • Pink doesn’t tend to work well with red, green, or yellow
  • Don’t wear pink all over
  • If your tones are dark, bright pink could look great, but if you are blonde, you might end up looking like Barbie.
  • Avoid childish prints

There you have it, my list of pink outfit ideas!

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