17 Best Pastel Outfits for Women in 2023

You might think that you can only wear pastel outfits if you have light blonde hair and a light skin tone. But, in truth, pastels can look incredible whatever your coloring is.

Pastels look gorgeous with lighter tones, but too much and you risk looking sickly sweet or girlish. Darker tones can offer some relief, and reduce the risk of looking too childish, but it’s still easy to go too far.

Pastel outfits are pretty. Wearing pastel colors can elevate your mood if you are feeling down.

They can make you feel feminine and boost your confidence if you’ve got body worries. Pastels can make you smile when perhaps other things are a little grey.

They look great on the beach, and beautiful with skinny jeans. Pastel shades can take you from season to season with a delicate charm.

But, often with pastel shades such as light pale pink, baby blue, and pastel green, pairing is critical. Knowing what to wear with your pastels can help you to get it right.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best pastel outfits for women in 2023.

1. Spring Wedding Guest

Pastels are absolutely perfect for a spring or summer wedding. When we reach a certain age, we all seem to have a few wedding seasons packed with invitations to bachelorette days, engagement parties, weddings and even vow renewals, which leaves us searching for outfits.

Pastels are soft and light. They’re romantic, and they look great in a natural setting.

lace pastel dress

Pastel dresses look divine with neutral accessories for a dressed up, but stylish spring wedding guest outfit. You’ll look fab, without diverting attention to the wedding party.

Lace, delicate florals, and even plain body con dresses can look amazing.

2. A Summer on the Beach

Pastel outfits are equally perfect for a summer day on the beach. Light beach dresses, denim shorts, and loose fit pastel tees, sarongs, and delicate pastel swimwear look gorgeous with the sea as a backdrop. Plus, you’ll be comfortably cool on the beach even if it’s hot.

pastel beach outfit

Alternatively, make a statement with an oversized pastel beach bag, giant pastel sunglasses, or a wide-brimmed pastel sun hat — team it with a white tee or a cream dress.

3. Pretty Pastel Sweats

Thank whoever you pray to that sweats are trendy nowadays. Fashion has given you permission to dress in comfort whether you are chilling on the sofa, heading to town with friends or braving the shops.

pastel sweats

Pastel colors are lovely when it comes to sweats. They make a boring sweatshirt or joggers feminine and pretty, without taking away the comfort: team pastel peach or pink with a dove grey or cream for a stylish look or, be bold and team your pastels with much darker tones.

4. Feminine Activewear

Activewear or athleisure is also exceptionally trendy right now, which is great if you value practicality and comfort as well as style. Activewear can take you from the school run to the gym, always looking fit and strong.

pastel activewear

Add pastels to your activewear with a baggy slogan tee over pastel leggings, or a cool gym bag in pastel colors. If you prefer less pastel, wear leggings featuring pastel shades paired with metallics for a sporty chic vibe.

5. Add Some Dark Tones

Pastel outfits give you a great chance to work with different shades of the same color. Pastel blue can look marvelous with grey/blue, navy or royal blue.

pastel with bold

Experiment with layering different tones, incorporating neutrals into your outfits to break things up.

Team a neutral dress with a soft pastel pattern with a bold bag and oversized hat in a darker tone of your pastel. Make a statement with your color choices.

6. Layer it Up

Pastels are magnificent when it comes to layering. Start with skinny jeans and boots or pastel converse.

Then, add a pastel cami or long-sleeved tee. Layer up with a long cardigan for a relaxed and trendy look.

Add a chunky belt, to maximize your shape, and a chunky pastel necklace or oversized scarf, depending on the weather. Stick to the theme with a pastel backpack.

When it comes to layers, pastels work, because they don’t clash. Green and blue, awful.

Pastel green and pastel blue, it works. Keep your jeans blue and your cardigan neutral, then fill your look with different pastel layers and accessories.

layered pastel

7. Accessorize

Accessories tie together any look. Whether it’s a chilled-out beach dressed or a dressed-up occasion outfit, start at the top and work your way down, adding accessories in pastel shades, or metallics to pastel outfits.

8. Pair a Chunky Sweater and Jeans

In autumn and winter, nothing beats skinny jeans and a chunky sweater. Team blue jeans with a pastel chunky knit or sweatshirt.

Add a thick white scarf and hat if it’s cold, and finish it off with some cool pastel high-ups.

winter pastel outfit

9. Pretty Waterproofs

Just because the day is grey and dull, it doesn’t mean that your waterproofs have to be. A pastel raincoat can be pretty and cheering, and pastel wellies will make jumping in muddy puddles a very real possibility.

Enjoy yourself with color on a dark, rainy day — team with jeans, leggings or opaque tights and a shirt or dress for a perfect winter look.

pastel raincoat

10. Use Patterns

You might be used to seeing pastels as block colors or a block of pastel on lace. But, patterns can work well.

A white popover top with a delicate pastel pattern can be both feminine and powerful.

Pastels also work well on summer dresses, like stripes or funky prints. When accessorizing a floral pattern, try to pick out one shade from the pattern for your bag, shoes or other accessories and add silver or rose gold jewelry.

floral pastel outfit

11. Off the Shoulder Sweaters

Off the shoulder was a sharp look this spring and summer, so it’s no surprise to see it carrying on to the winter lines. Off the shoulder, sweaters keep you warm, but they flash a little shoulder.

They can look sexy and strong while being pretty and feminine. Fleshy tones, like pale pinks and creams, look fantastic.

Add a scarf if it’s cold and team with skinny jeans and boots for a sharp winter look.

pastel off shoulder

12. Statement Accessories

Pastels are awesome when accessorizing a simple outfit. Find a plain dress, or an easy to wear jeans and a sweater or tee in neutral colors, without any bold tones.

Then go for it with your accessories. Add a pastel sun hat, or bobble hat, depending on the weather. Complement the shades but using different colors for your hat, scarf, and gloves in the winter, or invest in large statement pendants, featuring a pastel design to make an impression in warmer weather.

accessorized pastel outfit


13. Team a Dress and Boots

A short dress and tall boots is such an on-trend look for winter.

A pastel dress with long black or brown boots will work well. Add thick tights, or even leggings to keep yourself warm.

If you prefer, team neutral dresses and dark boots with a pastel scarf or jacket. When it comes to pastel outfits, you’ve always got options.

pastel and boots outfit

14. Keep it Monochrome

Black and white has and will always be a strong look. Whether it’s black jeans or leggings with a white top, or a white dress with black tights, black and white work.

In winter, a white tee with a black jacket can be effective. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t add some pretty pastels.

Add scarves, belts, bags and statement pendants in varying pastel shades to cheer up your monochrome.

winter monochrome outfit with pastel bag


15. Delicately Feminine Office Wear

Office wear doesn’t automatically bring to mind words like pretty or feminine. But it should.

Looking feminine will help you to feel confident and successful, which can give you an edge at work, as well as helping your personality to shine through boring office outfits. Add a pastel shirt or blouse to a black or grey trouser suit, with wide-leg trousers and a long, rolled sleeves blazer for a hot office look.

pastel officel outfit

16. Long-Lines with Leggings

Leggings and long-line tees, camis or jumpers are a must. Comfortable, warm, and stylish; these simple pieces adapt and move with your body, support you in all the right places, and highlight your curves.

Add pastels with oversized accessories, or your tee, and cinch it all in with a waisted belt for the ultimate  comfortable style.

leggings and pastels


17. Enjoy Those Christmas Jumpers

Christmas jumpers can be a bit naff, but they don’t have to be. Christmasy Fairisle in soft pastel shades or festive prints on a pastel background can be pretty and stylish.

Team with jeans and boots for a fab festive look. Do your bit for the planet though by either wearing your favorite Christmas jumper year after year or donating them once they’ve been worn.

Try to avoid buying a new one each year, or just wearing them for one day.

Christmasy Fairisle pastel

So there you go, my list of best pastel outfits for 2023! Let me know in the comments section if you have ideas or if you’re able to get pastel outfit ideas from my list.

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