There’s no better feeling than taking your makeup off and washing your face after a long day! I want to share with you my nighttime skin care routine and what products work best for me. I personally don’t mind investing in skin care products because I think keeping your skin healthy and youthful looking is important!

My Nighttime Skin Care Routine:

1. The first thing I do is wipe off my eye and face makeup with a Simple cleansing facial wipe. I have sensitive skin and these don’t bother my eyes or face. I’ve used different brands in the past that have irritated my skin, but these are very gentle and do the job.

2. I take about a quarter size of Purity face wash on my Clarisonic and wash my face. I love this face wash because it gets the rest of the makeup off my eyes and face that the Simple wipe may not have taken off. The Clarisonic has literally changed my life for the better. It deep cleans your skin and leaves your face feeling so smooth and clean. You need to change the brush head every 3 months. I have seen so much improvement in my skin since I started using the Clarisonic a year and a half ago. I don’t break out as much and it helps remove dry skin. If you don’t currently have one but have always wanted to try it, I highly recommend investing in one!

3. I absolutely love this SkinCeuticals product. It treats breakouts IMMEDIATELY. If I have a breakout on my face, I put a dab of this on it and when I wake up in the morning the blemish is either almost or completely gone. This stuff is seriously magical. It is worth every penny! I only put this on my face when I need it, so if my skin is clear I will skip over this step.

4. Moisturizing is SO important and this is the step people tend to neglect. Your skin wants and needs to soak up moisture while you are sleeping, so give your skin what it wants! I’m currently using Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair cream under my eyes. This keeps my under eyes very hydrated and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Speaking of reducing fine lines and wrinkles, this La Mer lifting and firming mask is amazing. You use the brush to apply it to your face and neck and it firms and tightens your skin as well as reduces wrinkles over time. It’s called a mask, but I keep it on all night. You should add a moisturizer on top of this product, and I would recommend this one. La Mer products are definitely an investment, but I don’t mind investing in my skin because I want to keep it youthful and beautiful for as long as possible!

I would love to hear what products you love using in your nighttime skin care routine, so please let me know!


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