15 Best New Years Eve Outfits for 2023

You might be browsing New Year’s Eve outfits online or searching for your what look you want to go for  by now.

New Year’s Eve is quickly approaching. You might be looking forward to a party and even thinking about what you are going to wear.

Wherever you are spending your New Year, you might be keen to get dressed up and put a little more effort into your outfit. You might even have booked an appointment at the salon or arranged to have your nails done.


If Christmas is for the kids, New Year is definitely for the grown-ups, and most of us love nothing more than pampering ourselves, buying something new, and getting dressed up.

For some of us, it’s one of the few times in a year when we get the chance to let our hair down with the people that we love. It might be one of your only opportunities to dance the night away, to enjoy a drink or two, and to put on some bling so, enjoy it.

Let’s take a look at some of the best New Year’s Eve outfits to help you to prepare for your big night out.

1. Dress for Your Destination

Not all New Year’s Eve parties are the same. Some might be formal affairs in fancy settings.

Others might take place in night-clubs or bars. You might be going to a family party, or a chilled out dinner with friends.

new year's eve outfit

Think about where you are going and who you will be with before starting to think about your outfit. Dress for your destination, as much as you are dressing for the occasion.

Even if you’ve chosen to stay at home, you might want to treat yourself to something new to mark the occasion.

2. Don’t Underestimate Holiday Weight

You might want to wear your slimmest fitting jeans or a dress. And hopefully, you will be able to.

But, don’t underestimate holiday weight.

new year's eve outfit2

Most of us gain some, and if you don’t want to spend Christmas worrying about your weight or denying yourself some festive indulgence, don’t get your heart set on a tiny outfit.

Keep your options open, or even avoid shopping until after the holidays.

3. Sparkles or Sequins?

You can’t have enough sparkle on New Year’s Eve. But, do you prefer sparkly patterns, threads, shiny tops, or sequins?

sequins outfit

Either works well, but not necessarily together. Glitter is another big yes, whether it’s on your makeup, shoes, jeans, or accessories.

4. Jeans and a Nice Top

Jeans and a nice top are our go-to when it comes to any occasion. They look great, they are comfortable, they work well with shoes and accessories, and they allow you to stay in your comfort zone.

jeans and sparkly top

Team skinny dark blue or black jeans with a sparkly top, vintage clutch, and a little bling for a beautifully casual New Year’s Eve outfit.

5. Leather Leggings

Leggings make an ideal alternative to skinny jeans for a party, especially if you want to dance all night. They move more easily, stay comfortable all night, and look great with sparkly tops and slinky camis.

leather leggings for new year's eve

Leather (or faux leather leggings), alternatively, straight 7/8ths or crop leather pants can look fabulous and flatter your figure.

6. Comfortable Shoes

When you think of New Year’s Eve outfits, you might think high-heels, stilettos, and strappy heels. You probably don’t think pumps, trainers, flats, or long boots.

Start now.

trainers for new year's eve

Trainers and pumps are fashionable right now, as part of the athleisure trend.

They look great, especially in bright colors or with added sparkle, and they can look awesome with a short dress. Ideal if you want to dance the night away.

7. The Little Black Dress

If you are struggling to find something to wear, go back to that old favorite, the little black dress.

Nowadays, little black dresses come in all different shapes and sizes. They aren’t even all that little.

black dress for nye

A black maxi dress in a figure-hugging style can hug your curves and highlight your figure. A midi dress with a little flare can give you more room to move and draw the eye to the parts of your body that you love.

A sleek black mini can be breathtaking. Look for a length and style that is simple, but flatters your body and accessorize with statement jewelry or keep it simple with dainty pearls or diamonds.

8. Vintage Style

New Year’s Eve is a time for reflection. Most of us are looking back over the previous year.

All this reflection gives you a great chance to treat yourself to some retro fashion. Look in vintage and thrift stores for some cool options.

retro nye outfit

Think 20’s flapper, sequins, lace, and even tassels. Pair with modern shoes and an up-to-date bag for some contrast, or go all the way with vintage jewelry and statement accessories.

9. Rock a Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are another trend this year. Long leg, crop, or Capri are following on from this summer’s popular short playsuit, and glamorous dark jumpsuits. Jumpsuits with either thin or no straps, can look smart, sophisticated, and sexy.

jumpsuit for nye

Jumpsuits can be tricky if you are tall or have a long body. So, try them on and make sure that you can move comfortably and sit down before committing.

Pair with high-heels or patent brogues for a sharp look, or ballet pumps for extra comfort.

10. Embrace the Two-Piece

For some reason, most of us have gotten used to thinking that our main options on a night out are trousers and a top, or a dress. But, skirts are growing in popularity all of the time.

Team a midi pleated skirt in leather or cotton with a cute crop or slinky cami. Add block heels with ankle socks for a statement, converse for comfort or strappy heels for a more feminine appeal.

pleated skirt for nye

Mini skirts can also be cool, and leather is a popular choice here.

Pair a dark red faux leather mini, with tall boots and a silky cami. Add a long necklace and a sparkly clutch for a trendy New Year’s Eve look.

11. Elevate Your Look with Texture

Velvet might be the ultimate indulgence when it comes to dressing. A soft velvet dress, paired with a light silk scarf, or shiny gold accessories and patent shoes, can look amazing.

Mixing textures like this adds depth, and a dark velvet dress in dark red, blue, black, or green can look festively decadent.

faux fur and velvet for nye

Faux fur can also look great on New Year’s Eve. Experiment with different textures for a classic look, while keeping warmth in mind.

12. Indulge in Deep Tones

New Year’s Eve outfits are usually the last day of the season, where you can really indulge in festive shades and tones. So, make the most of it.

Black can be tempting, but don’t be scared of color.

deep shade for nye2

Enjoy burgundy, violet, navy, holy green, and other deep shades, either on your outfit or accessories, and team with black and sparkles.

Most people prefer to avoid lighter colors for New Year’s Eve.

13. Brave the Weather in an Oversized Coat

Chances are, the party or event that you are attending will be indoors. But, you still might have to travel, queue or wait for a taxi at the end of the night.

oversized coat for nye3

So, don’t forget your coat. An oversized maxi in wool, or faux fur, can look stylish and glamorous.

A large coat will keep you warm and give a flash of sophistication to either pants or a skirt. Opt for a classic color, like black, brown, navy, or grey, remembering that if it covers your outfit, you don’t need to worry about matching.

14. Sparkle with Accessories

When it comes to New Year’s Eve outfits, you can never have enough sparkle or glamour. This is the one night of the year when you can throw anything that shines at your outfit, and it’s cool.

It’s almost impossible to go too far. So, whether you are wearing a sparkly outfit, or something a little more understated, think about adding some sparkly accessories.

sparkly accessories for nye

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so add diamond drop earrings and a shiny necklace or choker (fake will do in a push!). A sequined or studded clutch can complement any outfit and gives you somewhere to keep your keys. Even sparkly shoes can make a statement.

15. Secret Layers

Layering is a significant winter trend. It add depth and texture to your look, and layers keep you warm.

But, if you are wearing a little black dress or another slinky outfit, you might not want to add big vests, long sleeves, and other warming layers that will totally overrun your New Year’s Eve outfit.

layering for nye

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep warm. Add big underwear, thin, skin-tight thermals, and high-waisted tights.

No one will ever know, but you’ll be warm and avoid shivering. If you are happy to add a more obvious layer, a sparkly blazer, pashmina, bolero or shrug can look great and keep you warm.

Take one of these looks for New Years Eve and make it your own!

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