13 Best Maxi Skirt Outfits for 2023

As popular as maxi skirt outfits are on the catwalk, they can be tricky to style depending on your silhouette. Indeed, the most common maxi skirt outfits tend to be illustrated by tall and slender models.

However, if you are going to follow the maxi skirt trends, you need to understand how to make it work for you.

To start, it’s important to mention that maxi skirt outfits can work for every body shape, as long as you know how to balance your proportions properly. There’s no need to worry about disappearing inside your maxi skirt if you’re a short gal.

Similarly, if you’re curvy, you can also rock the look with a few tips. It’s one of those situations where being tall – between 5’6 and 5’10 – seems to be the standard look for cute maxi skirt outfits.

But, as you’re about to discover, there’s more to the maxi skirt as what first meets the eye.

Short girls: Be smart

Can you be 5’3 or under and still rock a maxi skirt? The answer is yes.

Here’s what to keep in mind to make it work for your petite shape.

#1. For girls below 5’3”, it’s all about playing with your proportions

Maxi skirt outfits blur out the lines that keep your body in proportions. By covering your lower body, they make your chest and torso appear shorter in comparison.

The ideal ratio to respect is to make your top look like one-third of your body, while the legs cover the remaining two-thirds.

maxi skirt outfit for short girls

While the maxi skirt has you covered for two-thirds, if you want to make sure your upper body doesn’t shrink to the eye, you need to elongate it with a fitted top. A cropped top is the best approach to create the impression of length.

You only need to show no more than an inch of skin around your waist to make yourself appear in proportion. If you’re not comfortable with a cropped top, a fitted top that sits tightly on your hips is a great option to elongate the torso.

#2. No loud prints

As exciting as patterns can be, big prints and loud designs affect your proportions. Your body tends to drown under massive prints.

If you’re going for a cute pattern, you need to opt for small prints, such as a small floral pattern. H&M and Zara have promised plenty of maxi skirt outfits in floral designs for 2023, so it’s the perfect place to start your search for the perfect skirt!

hm floral maxi
Alternatively, a plain maxi skirt is easiest to coordinate for petite shapes. If you’re looking for the best plain maxi skirt outfits, French fashion brand Mango has got plenty of elegant designs.

#3. Short girls: Love the slit

A slit can create the sensation of endless legs, even if you’re struggling to reach anything above 5’3! Indeed, the best-kept maxi skirt outfits secret for petite girls is to show as much skin as possible to elongate your body.

reformation maxi skirt

If you can’t create the one-third/two-thirds proportions with a fitted top, a thigh-high slit in your skirt can redress the balance by breaking the impression of too much fabric on your lower half.

If you’re going to wear heavy woolen materials, such as a winter skirt, opt for a slit design, as seen on H&M’s latest collection and Zara. Reformation also has got some great shapes for Petites.

#4. Short girls can elongate with vertical details

Stripes and vertical details are your best friends. They make your legs appear longer, which, in turn, makes you look a whole lot taller than you are.

vertical stripes maxi skirt

It’s ideal to look for maxi skirt outfits that completely cover your feet. A vertical buttoned area that makes the eyes go up and down on your shape, for instance, helps to create height.

#5. Short girls’ best outfit ideas for 2023

As a short girl, you want to be creative about elongating your body to make sure you don’t disappear in your maxi skirt. Ideally, a maxi skirt with a pair of ankle boots and a bright cropped top can transform your proportions and add length to your body.

woolen maxi skirt

You can also make your upper body appear longer with pendants that give you a tall and slim neck.

Surprisingly enough, co-ord winter maxi skirt outfits are a great bed for small shapes as long as you add a bright belt around your hips to give your upper body additional length. Avoid loose-fitting outfits that destroy your vertical proportions and opt for tailored or semi-tight styles instead, from Zara co-ords.

Curvy girls have it good

Can a curvy girl rock maxi skirt outfits? Of course, you can!

You can also make the most of your sensual shape to create a playful and romantic outfit.

#6. Keep it light-weight but fun

Ideally, you don’t want to choose heavy materials for your maxi skirt. Instead, go full 180°, and choose the lightest possible fabric you can find: Tulle.

tulle maxi skirt

A tulle skirt reminds of a ballerina’s costume, which makes it ideal for creating hyper flattering maxi skirt outfits. Worn like a long tutu, the maxi skirt balances your proportions and helps make your lower body appear slimmer and longer.

Where can you find playful long tulle maxi skirt outfits? Your best bet is ASOS if you’re looking for bright colors.

Zara and even Amazon’s own brand prefer neutral colors.

#7. High waisted A-line skirt to save the day

For pear-shaped ladies, nothing beats the comforting shape of a high-waisted A-line maxi skirt that tucks you in all the right places while making your legs appear endless. Additionally, the high-waisted cut adds definition to your shape and emphasizes your waistline, creating the traditional one-third/two-thirds proportions.

a-line maxi skirt2

Combine it with a short, fitted cardigan and a pair of high heels, and you’ve got yourself one of the best maxi skirt outfits to showcase your sensual shape.

#8. Your top needs to do all the hard work

Your top needs to help create balance with your maxi skirt. The mistake that most curvy girls make with their maxi skirt outfits is to focus too much on the lower body.

maxi skirt for curvy women

Your bust and shoulders can help to harmonize your shape visually.

A brand such as Bettie Page can give you a fantastic vintage style choice to smooth out large busts or create volume to build a balanced silhouette. Besides, there’s nothing more playful than a cute little 1950s vintage number!

#9. Best curvy outfit ideas

Curvy girls can be playful with colors and shapes when it comes to finding the best maxi skirt outfits for their body shape.

The tutu skirt is a must-have for a romantic touch. Combined with a fitted cardigan and a pair of flat shoes, you’re off to be the perfect ballerina.

To make an impression, opt for a bright pink, red, or blue skirt and coordinate your shoes with it.

a-line maxi skirt

The playful 1950s A-line is the most known femme fatale’s silhouette. Bring emphasis on your upper body with a 1950s secretary’s waistcoat and a large-collared blouse to counterbalance your hips.

Remember, in the 1950s, high heels were almost mandatory!

The tall girls can embrace winter maxi skirts

Finally, tall girls can find inspiration in most fashion magazines and photoshoots. Maxi skirt outfits were made for you!

#10. The heavy fabric helps your legs

If you’re worried about your long legs, choosing heavy material can help to make your legs appear shorter. Winter tweed and woolen fabric are a perfect combination.

winter maxi skirt

Zara is a great place to find maxi skirt outfits that fit your shape.

#11. Embrace all the patterns

Patterns are your best friends, especially huge patterns that can help to address your proportions. The problem of tall girls is that their legs often seem to be more than two-thirds of their bodies.

plaid maxi skirt

Big prints can virtually shorten your legs. For something suitable for office wear, you can have a look at the plaid co-ord sets from H&M, which have plenty of maxi skirt outfits.

If you’re looking for something a little different, check some vintage prints, such as the 1970s inspired colors and patterns from brands such as Mango, Zara, and Uniqlo.

#12. Cut your silhouette with an accessorized top

Ideally, you want to make your upper body appear longer. You need to be looking for long jumpers, which can cover your upper thighs.

belted blazer with maxi skirt

You can use a thin belt to keep the jumper in place around your waist, however, make it a priority not to pick accessories that attract the eye around your real waist. Making your upper body longer means placing your belt around or below your hips.

You can also distract the eye to disturb the lengthy proportions. Adding a brooch or a bow neck jumper makes your upper body stand out, and therefore shortens your legs.

#13. Best maxi skirt outfits for tall girls

You have a variety of options to choose from, whether you like loud prints or something more minimalist.


The trendiest maxi skirt outfits for tall girls prefer either knee-high boots that hide the legs, or flat Dr. Martens boots that add an edgy element to your outfit.

Each and every body shape has a chance to create playful and stunning maxi skirt outfits as long as you understand how to play with your proportions. You can add or take length, smooth out, or bring volume; the options for maxi skirt outfits are endless!

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