Best Lipstick Colors

My favorite season is upon us! I love springtime because of the gorgeous weather, the blooming trees and flowers, and obviously because of spring fashion and beauty!

I have always been a pink lipstick kinda girl, so when new springy lipstick shades come out, I get overly excited!

Today I wanted to roundup my favorite lip products for spring. These lip colors are all of my must haves in my year round collection, but I wear them the most in the spring and summer!


This is my favorite lip product for spring! It is a sheer lip color with a whole lot of pigment! I love this color for spring because it adds a beautiful pop of fuchsia to your lips which looks amazing with bronzed, glowy skin, and it makes your teeth look extra white because of the blue undertones! Since this is one of Bobbi Brown’s sheer lip colors, you can layer this color on for a brighter look, or you can wear a sheer coat that still gives your lips plenty of color.


This lipstick has a special place in my heart because it is the color I wore on my wedding day! I absolutely love this lipstick paired with Mac “Boldly Bare” or Mac “Soar” lip liner. It is the perfect color pink because it is very neutral- it’s not too warm or too cool. I tried on so many different lipsticks for my wedding and this was by far the best classic, true pink lipstick I found.


This lipstick is such a fun color for spring. It has a pinky/purple hue and if Barbie wore Mac lipstick I’m sure this is the one she would wear! This color is bold and fun on its own, but sometimes I like to do one layer on “Snob” with a layer of “Creme Cup” on top for the most gorgeous custom color.


This has been my ride or die for years. I don’t leave the house without this lipstick! I always make sure to have it with me anywhere I go. This is the most flattering color on so many different skin tones. Anytime I do anyones makeup, I always line their lips with Mac “Boldly Bare” and put “Creme Cup” on top. If you are looking for the perfect pinky nude lipstick, this is the one to get!


I have always been hesitant about trying liquid lipsticks because I’m not a fan of matte makeup since I am so dry, but I got a sample size of this Tarte “Namaste” lip paint and I love it! It’s a beautiful nude pink color, and it stays on my lips all day long. Since I like glossy looking lips, I always put a gloss over this lip paint.


I recently picked up this lip gloss and it has become my newest obsession! This gloss stays put for HOURS and it doesn’t feel sticky on the lips. This gloss looks gorgeous over all of the lip colors mentioned above. It is a nude gloss so it will slightly tone down a super pigmented lip color, but it gives such a stunning sheen to any lip combo.

I am constantly adding to my pink lipstick collection, so I will make sure to keep you all updated on my latest and greatest lip color finds!

Have you tried any of these lip colors? What’s your go to lip combo for spring? Leave me a comment down below and let me know!


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