11 Best Leggings Outfits for 2023

Most of us want to wear leggings outfits. They are comfortable and they are always trending.

You don’t have to worry about belts or harsh fastenings against your skin. They move smoothly and adapt to your body quickly.

If you get leggings that fit you well, you don’t have to worry about hiding your mum tum, and most sit quite high, so there are no worries about a muffin top slipping over the sides. Leggings hide a multitude of sins, allowing us to feel comfortable, but also confident, secure, and even sexy.

leggings when pregnant

Leggings outfits are great when you maybe don’t feel your best. When you are ill, or not at your most confident, they offer great coverage and comfort and give your figure a sleek shape.

They are flattering, despite being tight. Leggings are warm, they move well, and feel great whether you are running in the park, on the treadmill, or lounging at home.

But we don’t always know how to wear them. Leggings are exceptionally versatile.

They can take you from the school run to the gym without breaking a sweat (even if you do). They can look smart on a day out in the town, and stylish when you are walking the dog in the park.

Leggings have, however, been sold as active or loungewear for a long time. So, even though our Instagram feeds are filled with gorgeous women rocking leggings in all different ways, as part of a range of outfits, we can’t see ourselves in them.

If you aren’t used to leggings, you might worry about how tight they are over your bottom and thighs, and you might be concerned about what other people think.

You shouldn’t be. Leggings outfits can look great in many different ways, and once they’re worn right; you’ll never worry about what other people think.

You’ll feel strong, confident, and ready to take on the world. So, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to wear leggings in 2023, seen as this comfy, stylish trend is definitely here to stay.

1. Loungewear Leggings

Pair your leggings with an oversized sweatshirt and some chunky slippers or socks for a day on the sofa. If you work from home or are at home with young children, this can be an especially comfy way to dress over the winter months.

Loungewear Leggings

You’ll be presentable enough to answer the door or pop to the shop, but comfortable enough to relax and keep warm. In warmer weather, add a cami or plain tee, and lose the slippers.

2. Athleisure Leggings

Athleisure is hugely popular right now, and with any luck, another trend that is here to stay. Leggings are a crucial part of any athleisure outfit.

Unlike your loungewear leggings, these might be more sporty. Perhaps stretchy lycra, instead of soft cotton.

Athleisure Leggings

These are leggings that can look great lounging at home with a sweater, out with friends for a coffee with a big winter coat, with a bold slogan tee, or in the gym with other activewear.

For a feminine feel, choose athleisure pieces with girlish pinks or pastel shades, teamed with metallics and other block colors. Unlike old fashioned sportswear, athleisure should look as good as it feels, perfectly teaming practicality and on-trend style.

3. A Day Out with Friends

As we get older, our days out with friends change. In your teens and early twenties, you may have spent ages getting ready to hit the mall squeezing into skimpy outfits and piling on the makeup.

You had time and freedom, and how you looked was the most important thing of all.

casual leggings outfit

Then kids, marriage, jobs, and other commitments get in the way, and suddenly, we’re meeting friends for a quick coffee, trying to chat over crying kids, feeding babies, and hurried lunches. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still look great, or take pride in your appearance, it might just mean that when it comes to style, comfort is much more of a priority.

That’s where leggings come in. Team plain, thick, cotton leggings with long-line vests or long-sleeved tees and long cardigans.

Throw a chunky belt around your waist to highlight your shape and add thick socks and boots, and an oversized scarf and bag for a sophisticated, comfortable and warm outfit.

4. Wearing Leggings for Work

Can you wear leggings for work? Sure, you can.

Yes, even if you work in an office. Make sure they are thick, full length and supportive and pair them with a smart shirt or blouse and a long blazer, add some stylish brogues for a chic workwear outfit.

leggings for work

Alternatively, you might choose leggings that don’t really look like leggings at all. Find full-length leggings, perhaps with a stirrup to hold them in place, in a slightly looser fit.

Tweed can be an excellent look for the office and works well with plain tops. Dogtooth and herringbone can also look smart and professional.

5. A Night on the Tiles

When you are dancing all night long, and getting a little sweaty, the last thing that you want is to be wearing skinny jeans that stick to you and don’t move with your body.

leather leggings for night out

Upgrade your plain cotton leggings for something a little more glam for a night out — team leather leggings with a strappy blacktop for a rocking look. Add killer heels or block-heeled boots, and you won’t fail to turn heads.

6. A Winter’s Day

You might think that jeans are the warmest thing to wear in the winter, but jeans are harder to layer, they don’t always tuck into boots well and if their bottoms get wet, they take ages to dry. They can be hard to move in, and so bad for circulation unless they are skin-tight, they offer cold air an easy way in.

Leggings are the perfect alternative. Full-length leggings or leggings with stirrups are great with boots.

leggings for winter

You can easily add layers without losing your curves, and they sit right next to your skin, keeping you warm.

Pair leggings with tall leg warmers and bulky boots. Add a long t-shirt or tunic, a thick snood, and a long coat or a chunky jumper or knitted tunic.

Suddenly, you are ready for a walk in the snow.

7. Enjoying the Summer Sun

The great thing about leggings is that they are equally fabulous in the summer months.

leggings for summer

Go for Capri length and wear with a skirt or dress to give yourself some extra cover or support on a hot day or wear high waisted leggings with a cute crop top if you are happier showing off your body. Team these summer outfits with a strappy sandal for relaxed summer chic.

8. A Perfect Base for Layering

Long jumpers, short tops, baggy tees, fitted camis — they all look fab with leggings, that’s why they make sure a great base.

layered leggings

Add plenty of light layers in the winter to give yourself options, and don’t be afraid to mix textures, such as cotton and wool, or lycra and silk.

9. Show Off Your Shoes

Another great thing about leggings is that they really highlight your footwear. They don’t cover your shoes; they sit in, or just on top, skin-tight to your leg.

leggings and sparkly heels

So, show off those shoes. Opt for statement boots; block heels, chilled out sandals and sparkly heels.

All the shoes look great with the right leggings.

10. Experiment with Color and Pattern

Leggings don’t have to be plain. Nor do they have to be dark.

printed leggings

White and other light colors look great in the summer. Stripes, blocks of color, bright shades, and metallic all look cool and sporty when it comes to athleisure.

Patterns can look cool with a plain tee and cardigan or jacket. Just try to keep the patterns delicate, stay away from anything too childish, and pair them with plain tops.

11. Try Different Lengths

We’ve mentioned different lengths of leggings already, but it’s important to have a few in your arsenal.

The long leggings are great, they are full length and sit in boots well. They can easily be worn in place of jeans for added comfort.

stirrup leggings

Capris are better in summer when it’s warm, and you are wearing sandals or knee-length for something a little shorter. <- trying to reword, but confused as to what this is saying! -Dylan

The other main options are stirrup. There’s a small strap that sits under your foot which, essentially, covers your foot and stops just before your toes. These both work as trousers and are perfect with boots in winter.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Leggings

Do you know your body shape and dress to suit it? If you are uncomfortable about your stomach, high waisted leggings can boost your confidence.

high-waisted leggings

If you worry about your bottom, pair tunics, or long-line cardigans with leggings for extra coverage.

Don’t try to fit into a smaller size. Buy leggings that fit well. It will show.

Don’t go see-through unless you are wearing a long top or dress with your leggings, make sure no one will see your underwear by choosing thicker options. These can be more expensive, but it’s worth it.

see-through leggings

Do experiment with different styles, colors, and patterns. Leggings are fashionable now, which means there are plenty of options for leggings outfits on the market.

2 thoughts on “11 Best Leggings Outfits for 2023”

  1. I really liked those side mesh paneled leggings so I bought a pair for myself. These are sexy, comfortable and a very nice fit. My only beef is the mesh goes all the way to the waist. These is no way I can wear underwear with these leggings because my panties wound be completely visible. The way I got around that problem was I wear nude pantyhose with a cotton gusset underneath and no underwear at all. Thanks for displaying all these wonderful leggings!!

  2. I usually consider black leggings of cotton when doing a workout because I feel more comfortable. But the choice may vary from person to person.


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