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If you have ever gotten your hair cut a little too short and immediately regretted it, I am here to tell you the tricks to growing it out again! When I was in college, my hair came to a certain length and just stopped growing. I felt like there was nothing I could do to make it grow longer, and I was super frustrated. I did not realize at that time that I was the reason my hair was not growing. I was straightening my hair everyday, using drugstore products, and I was not getting regular haircuts. Fortunately about a year before my wedding I figured out the trick to growing out my hair, and now it’s the longest and healthiest it’s ever been!! If you want to learn the tricks that have worked for me, keep reading!

  1. Find your person. This is definitely the most important step of all! Once you find a reputable hair salon to go to, you need to find your “person” aka your go to hair stylist, and stick with them forever. In college when I would get my hair cut and colored, I would call and make an appointment with whoever was available. Each time I went in for my appointment, I was seeing a new person who didn’t know my long term hair goals, and they would pretty much do whatever they wanted to my hair. This was a crucial mistake I was making! Once I found someone I loved, I decided to stick with her. We talked about my hair goals so we both knew what I wanted to accomplish: long, healthy, blonde hair. Every time I go in for a hair appointment, she always knows what to do because she is aware of my wants and needs.
  2. Get Frequent Trims. I know this may sound counterintuitive to growing out your hair, but this was a game changer for me! When I was in college, I always put off getting hair cuts. I hated that awkward “just got my haircut” look so I rarely got it cut, and what a huge mistake that was! When I started seeing “my person”, she would trim my hair every other hair appointment, so about every 12 weeks. I could not believe how quickly my hair started growing because of my trims!
  3. Use a Good Brush. This may sound silly, but brushing wet hair can cause damage if you’re not careful. If you are not gentle while brushing your hair or if you are not using a good brush, your hair can break off and become damaged, which makes it even harder to grow out. I swear by The Wet Brush because it gently detangles hair, and it was recommended to me by my hair stylist (and she knows everything!!!)
  4. Use High Quality Products. I promise that using high quality products is worth the investment. Using a salon grade shampoo, conditioner, and heat protectant will make a world of a difference. Sadly, shampoos and conditioners from the drugstore have fillers in them like wax (that leave a nasty, sticky buildup in your hair) and they don’t have all of the ingredients they claim to have in them. Your hair will thank you if you are using high quality products! Ask your stylist what salon products he/she recommends for your hair.
  5. Avoid the Heat. This tip has been MAJOR for me in my hair journey. If you can avoid drying your hair and using hot tools on your hair, then do it! I let my hair air dry about 90% of the time, and it has made my hair so much healthier. I rarely use a hair straightener anymore, but I do use a curling iron a lot. I make sure that I am always putting a heat protectant in my hair after I shower to keep my hair safe from the heat damage that curling irons cause.

I hope those 5 tips are helpful to you on your journey to longer, healthier hair! If you live in St. Louis, I highly recommend making a hair appointment with Reese and Studio Branca. If you have any other questions about growing your hair out, just leave me a comment down below!

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