How to Get Beach Waves (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Happy Friday! I honestly can’t believe Christmas Eve is TOMORROW and Christmas is in two days! This month has absolutely flown by, and before we know it it’s going to be 2017! Speaking of 2017, I was looking over my goals for this past year and seeing which ones I had accomplished and which ones I failed to complete.

One of my goals was to start my own YouTube channel. I have had the camera, lights, etc. for an entire year, but I never got around to filming any videos. I didn’t want this year to end before I achieved this goal, so with 10 days to spare, I finally completed the goal of filming a tutorial and creating a YouTube channel!

I have learned everything I know about hair and makeup from watching other people’s YouTube tutorials, and I wanted to start teaching my readers and new YouTube viewers what I have learned over the years…which is a LOT!

For my first video, I filmed an effortless beach waves hair tutorial. I have had the most requests and comments on my Instagram on how to get this specific hairstyle, so I thought it would be best to SHOW you how to achieve it instead of just telling you how.

Without further ado, here is my first YouTube hair tutorial. Please make sure to subscribe to my channel so you can be notified every time I make a new video!! xo


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