Home Office Decor Ideas (TOUR)

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Yayyyyy! Today is an exciting day because I can finally share my home office with you! I got my artwork and shelves for Christmas which I was so happy about because those were the last few details that my office needed to be complete. Now you can see where I spend most of my days!

When my husband and I moved into our home in March, I was SO excited that I was able to have my own office and make it as girly as I wanted. At our old house, we shared an office so half of the room was masculine and the other half was super girly. Let’s just say that Nathan and I are both extremely happy to have our own office spaces now since we both work from home. His office is the exact opposite of mine as you can imagine…dark wood shelves, rustic artwork, leather chairs…you get the picture! We both love having our own spaces and decorating them to our liking 🙂

The first thing we I bought for our home (sorry hubby) was this rug for my office. It was on sale for an absolutely amazing price and I couldn’t pass it up. I knew I wanted my office to be light, bright, and feminine so I decorated with white, blush pinks, marble, and gold details! I truly couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I feel so inspired when I am in my office, and I am so excited to finally share my favorite space with you!

When I was decorating my office, I wanted to make sure that everything I purchased was something that I truly loved and that made me happy and inspired me. I knew I wanted artwork that was fashion related because hellooo what could be more inspiring to a fashion blogger than looking up at a huge Prada painting?! I also knew I wanted marble and gold shelves that could hold my favorite things. Being clutter free is also key! In order to be successful I believe you must be organized. When I let my office/desk get messy, my mind is messy! I can’t focus on what I am doing because I am thinking about all of the clutter instead of what I need to be doing. I have a closet in my office where I store a gold organizer from Target that I keep all of my paperwork in. My desk doesn’t have any drawers in it, so I keep all of my important belongings and paperwork in the organizer in my closet.

I always need a planner on my desk to keep my days scheduled and organized. I like writing my daily tasks and to-do lists in my planner, but I also use a Google doc to stay organized. I think it is important to have a physical copy and a virtual copy of important deadlines, content, etc. I also love having a couple of notepads on my desk to write down thoughts, ideas, or suggestions I get about content ideas.

I love when my office smells amazing so I always have fresh flowers and/or candles on hand. Find the things that make you feel inspired and make sure to include those in your work space…I promise it will make all the difference!

I have linked all of my furniture and office decor for you below. If I didn’t include something down there, it means it was out of stock 🙁 Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all about my office space, decor questions, or anything else! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a peek into my office!

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