How to Dress Like Emily Gemma

Are you a fan of Emily Gemma from The Sweetest Thing Blog? She is one of my favorite bloggers, and I am going to show you how you can dress just like her! I have gathered 15 of my favorite outfits she has styled, and I am going to tell you the exact things you need to dress just like her. Don’t forget to check out her blog and give her a follow on Instagram!

My 15 Favorite Outfits from Emily Gemma

1. Boyfriend Jeans and Bodysuit

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This style of the ripped, distressed boyfriend jeans paired with a sleek blazer will for sure turn heads as you walk down the street. You need boyfriend jeans, a black bodysuit, blazer, and some fun pumps. To absolutely own this look, it’s important to focus on both ends of the clothing spectrum: edgy rocker and pristine businesswoman. You’ll want to find jeans the represent the typical “boyfriend” style and pair it with a bodysuit that has a flattering and unique neckline. To complete the look, throw on a chic blazer that compliments the color of the bodysuit, add fun pumps and rock that shoulder bag.

2. Classic Winter Outfit: Turtle Neck, Coat, Skirt & Tights

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I like to call this the “show-stopping look for any occasion” outfit. You’ll need a black turtleneck, metallic skirt, warm coat, and printed tights. The good thing about turtlenecks is that you can dress it up in a lot of ways. Pairing this turtleneck with a metallic skirt makes the outfit fun and festive! To spice up the fit even more, add a pair of printed tights (particularly black) — this will give this outfit a whole new look. Adding a printed tight with a particularly simple outfit is the perfect accessory. To keep the high-fashion up, throw on an oversized, white coat that you can either drape around you or button up–both look fab and chic. Add big, gold hoop earrings to complete this look and you’re ready for a date night, work party or a night out with friends.

3. Fall “Must-Have”: Fur Bomber Jacket With Leather Leggings

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For this must-have, you’ll need a faux fur bomber jacket, leather leggings, and a black turtleneck. Yes, another turtleneck and yes, a completely different look. We love styling turtlenecks! For this particular look, when pairing such a stylish bomber with leather leggings, you gotta be going for the edgy look. The leather leggings and booties paired with the faux fur bomber sets a tone for the rest of your day: confidence, power and edge. To rock this outfit, you’ve got to strut in the leather, put your shades on and own that fur bomber.

4. Fall “Must-Have”: Neon Coat With Bright Colors

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For this must-have, you’ll need a vibrant colored coat, a bright colored sweater, jeans, and pumps or sneakers. When you think of fall colors, you must be thinking of neutrals–not this time. This vibrant pop of color, particularly the hot pink, during the grey, gloomy weather is exactly what people want to see. When you throw on such an electrifying color, you have to pair it with a color that POPS. This is where the mustard yellow sweater comes into play. Finish the outfit with flare jeans and a pair of classic pumps. To own this outfit, it’s better to go all out with colors than ever before. 

5. Rag and Bone White Jeans

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A casual, yet chic look. To nail this outfit to perfection, you’ll need white jeans, an oversized light mocha sweater, ankle booties, and a floppy, wool hat to complete the look. This outfit is perfect for any type of occasion and can easily be dressed up with jewelry. When putting this look together, think stylish–yet, laid back. Add some gold hoops and throw on a shoulder bag and you’re ready to run errands, meet up with friends, or even go on a date!

6. On-the-Go Look

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The perfect outfit to throw on for errands and wear all weekend long! The comfort and style are a win-win for everyone. To get this look, you’ll need a sweatshirt, leather leggings, tennis shoes, big sunnies, and, of course, your handbag. A basic, yet stylish outfit. Leather leggings are great for dressing up or dressing down. A slight pop of color from your tennis shoes pulls the outfit together perfectly. In this case, you can look like a million bucks while running your errands around town.

7. Everyday Summer Outfit: White Tee & Cut-Offs

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The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the day calls for a perfect summer outfit. For this outfit, you’ll need a cream vintage pocket tee, distressed high waisted jean shorts, sandals, and an eye-catching belt like the Gucci Brown Leather Double G belt. The tee definitely plays a role as a plain, white tee, but if you could find one that has some holes, it gives it character. Don’t be afraid to get creative with this outfit, this is where your creativity can thrive!

8. Little Embroidered Dress

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The perfect summer dress to style up or down for a perfect day! This dress definitely brings out the girlier side of you, so it’ll be essential to dress it up with wedges, sunglasses, bracelets and earrings. The espadrille heel paired with the sundress makes it so trendy! The best thing about the dress is the beautiful sky blue color incorporated with the pinks and reds of the flower embroidery. The color scheme on this dress is lighthearted, fun and bright–just like summer!

9. Distressed Camo Joggers

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To rock this comfy yet stylish look, you’ll need a pair of distressed, camo joggers, a black tank under a distressed jean jacket, pair it with necklaces, earrings (preferably hoops to pull together this outfit), sunnies, a watch and a neutral tone sandal. This outfit will bring out your edgier side but in the comfiest way possible. Distressed clothing and camo print are definitely the hottest trends this season and when you can get both together, it’s a win-win! With this “on the go” look, you’ll be ready to run any errands while looking and feeling so trendy!

10. Off-the-Shoulder Cable Knit Sweater

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This outfit is made for the fall: stylish, chic and trendy–it has it all. You’ll need to start with a light-colored, off-the-shoulder cable knit sweater and pair it with light blue skinny jeans. The most essential part of this outfit comes from the shoes. A nude ankle strap heel can turn this from a basic outfit to a chic, trendy outfit in seconds. To complete this look, pair the outfit with a wool fedora. Adding a fedora to any outfit is the perfect accessory and it always seems to be trending! The essentials in this outfit that will make you look and feel fab are denim jeans, a cozy sweater, a big hat and nude heels.

11. Designer Shorts Dupe // Summer Outfit

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The perfect outfit for a hot and humid day! One of the worst things in hot weather is the humidity and finding an outfit to wear that’s still cute and suited for that type of weather. Luckily, this outfit checks those boxes! For this look, you’ll need a white blouse that is haltered at the top and loose and flowy all the way down. Pair it with high-waisted distressed jean shorts and brown sandals. You can tuck the front part of the blouse in to make it more flattering, and of course, pair it with jewelry and a handbag. What makes this outfit perfect for any hot, humid day is the lightness of all the clothing and the chic style that makes this especially perfect for vacation days!

12. Treasure and Bond Wedges

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Classy, yet sassy. The two words that describe this outfit perfectly. For this look, you’re bringing out some of your professional side mixed with your stylish side. The ultimate look to bring out your confidence in a workplace setting, for an important day or just to look absolute fire and “CEO” like, but in the best way possible. For this outfit, you’ll need a light blue and white tunic that fits on the longer side. Tuck it into a pair of white skinny jeans and add a belt (preferably white with a large buckle like the Gucci Double G belt) to complete this fab look. Finish it with brown platform wedge sandals and layer dainty gold necklaces to give your neck a little bling.

13. Ripped Denim Mini Skirt Outfit

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For this sunny day look, you’ll need a white long-sleeved top that’s lightweight and perfect for transitional weather/cooler mornings. Tuck it into a ripped denim skirt and add a white belt with a large buckle (i.e. Gucci Double G belt) – the perfect accessory for any outfit. Add brown sandals and complete the look by adding some jewelry and a cross-body bag. This look is perfect for a lunch date, a stroll downtown, and a must-have for any vacation.

14. Cozy Camel Sweater Dress

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The classic outfit for fall: a sweater dress with tall boots. It’s hard to grow tired of such a staple item, especially since you can wear it in many ways. This knit sweater dress, in the color camel, has “fall” written all over it. It’s thick knitted and has a loose-fitting turtleneck which makes this dress the coziest. Pair this look with tall brown leather boots and focus more on rings and earrings in regards to jewelry. One or two chunky rings bring your own addition to this outfit and the earrings (preferably thick, gold hoops) complete the look from head to toe!

15. The Perfect Fall Outfit for a Busy Day

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The best part about this outfit is that every item is a basic, staple item and with the right style and accessories, you can make the “basic” outfit look not so average! For this look, you’ll need to bring out the staples: black long-sleeve tee, black leggings, a colorful plaid button-down, flats, and jewelry. Wrapping the plaid button-down around the black tee and black leggings are the perfect accessory to make the outfit look more stylish than it really is. Pair this look with nude and black accented flats to tie in the overwhelming amount of black, but also keeping it neutral. The earrings, dainty necklaces, sunnies and cross-body bag put together this look. This is one of the easiest and most comfortable outfits that can go from average to stylish with just a few accessories! 

I hope you enjoyed this post!

If you want to see more styled outfits from Emily Gemma, make sure to check out her blog, The Sweetest Thing!

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