13 Best Denim Skirt Outfits 2023

This year is the year of the denim revival and we’re sure to see denim skirt outfits in new and style-inspiring ways. Join us as we take a look at 13 denim skirt outfits that we’re sure are going to grace the catwalks and the high street in 2023.

1. Distressed Denim

When spring does finally roll around, what better excuse to find some wear out of your distressed denim than with a cool, versatile and stylish skirt. We featured this look earlier this year and it still absolutely rocks as part of any spring collection.

The beauty of this skirt is that you can dress it up with wedges and sheer tops, or dress it down with sandals and casual vests. Its simplicity also means you can go to town on accessories without feeling like you’re overdoing it.

Spring doesn’t guarantee warm weather in the evenings, so an oversized scarf or long cardigan are ideal items to tuck away in your bag for when the temperature drops.

distressed denim skirt with wedges

2. Mini

How low do you dare to go? As the weather warms up, heading to the beach in your bikini is totally on the cards but at the end of the day, how are you going to show off that killer tan if you’re covered up?

Instead, opt for a denim mini. As well as helping you to put your best foot forward, they’re also super practical, quick to change into and small enough to store away in your beach bag without the need for armfuls of bags.

They’re also easy to style and pair well with a simple white t-shirt, a vest or even a fitted shirt. Don’t cover up, grab a denim mini and embrace that summer vibe to the max.

denim mini skirt

3. Pencil

Can you wear denim to the office?

You absolutely can with a chic denim pencil skirt. Smart, well fitted and very stylish, this is going to seriously shake up your workwear wardrobe.

Pair with heels and tights if there’s still a chill in the air. The pencil skirt looks great with a crisp white shirt and a fitted jacket or with a well-fitting sweater.

Style it up a bit with a statement belt or keep it low-key. This skirt option is extremely versatile as well as practical.

denim pencil skirt

4. Mid-thigh stretch

For a skirt that’s fun and casual try some stretch denim that comes up to around your mid-thigh point. Perfect for running around town, doing the school run and comfortable when paired up with a pair of sneakers. We like the classic white Converse and a t-shirt.

This outfit is the quintessential look for your daywear wardrobe and the great thing is that you can pair it with almost anything shoe-wise and still feel like you’re showing some great styling. This is a look that’s certainly going to remain in favor in 2023 and beyond.

mid-thigh denim skirt

5. Gypsy

Think long floaty skirts with just enough weight to the material to make sure it stays in shape. We love pairing these beautiful skirts with cold shoulder tops.

That might be a sweater or a soft floaty top but always go big on the accessories. This is an outfit that’s crying out for large, chunky jewelry and statement pieces, so now’s the time to break them out.

This is most definitely a summer outfit and those long summer evenings are when this skirt is going to come into its own. Match this with sandals, wedges or anything else that you feel comfortable in to complete this look.

gypsy denim skirt outfit

6. Combat

This is definitely a look that we’re going to see again and again over the coming few months. Forget the romance of the gypsy look or the sporty prep of the skirt and sneakers, this is the combat look that’s both right-on point but also great to wear.

Grab a pair of chunky army-style boots. I love the vegan Doc Marten’s range and match with an oversized army jacket or Parka.

On top, think about a cute, plain colored sweater or tee. This is a look for badasses so be brave and find your inner bad girl.

denim skirt with boots

7. Knee-length flare

This simple but perfectly cut skirt falls just below the knee for the perfect length. It says chic, comfortable style and if you’re looking to give it a bit of something extra, think about going for a tighter, more fitted vest or t-shirt to help bring out the swish of the skirt and accentuate the movement a little bit more.

This skirt looks great with plain sneakers, don’t just think white, this is a great time to bring out those bright colors. A low sling bag will also help give the whole outfit extra flow, so don’t scrimp on the accessories.

knee length flare denim skirt


8. Double Denim

Could you, should you allow a double denim outfit into your wardrobe? Of course, you should and here’s how and why.

This is a statement outfit and if done well, it’s bold, fearless and strong. So don’t be afraid to double up.

Go for something short and fitted for your skirt and on top think about a tight fitted denim shirt or jacket. Stick with the same material and shade and the same level of distress for a uniform look.

Pair up with sneakers or chunky boots for a wonderfully powerful look.

double denim skirt

9. Smart and Casual

This is a great look for a long lunch or a day spent shopping that turns into an unexpected evening out with friends.

Wear your denim mini with ankle boots with a little bit of height for added drama and a plain t-shirt. We love a fitted blazer or formal jacket on top to complete this look.

Add an eye-catching necklace to wear over the t-shirt, matching it with a bracelet and earrings to catch the eye once the dancing starts and you’re looking to shed your jacket. Throw your hair down and sunglasses on for a look that transforms seamlessly between day and night.

smart and casual denim skirt outfit


10. Colored Denim

You don’t have to stick to shades of blue but instead why not up your denim skirt game with a black option? Match it with a black t-shirt and black boots for a dramatic, moody effect and style up with some silver jewelry.

If black isn’t what you’re looking for, you’ll find denim skirts in a rainbow of colors. The darker shades are great for creating contrast and drama while lighter colors can be more versatile for day wear.

White can create a great summer look and looks good matched with a crop top. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your wardrobe.

Experimenting is all part of the fun after all.

black denim skirt

11. Long Skirt with Center Slit

This again is a versatile look and great for day or evening wear. The long slit means it’s easy to move around in, so when you’re on the run it’s a practical and useful item of clothing.

Converse or other sneakers are the perfect footwear and an oversized t-shirt or sweater gives it a deliberately casual look.

Dress it up with some heels and it becomes altogether more alluring. Heels and something off the shoulder reminds you of the gypsy look but without the flare.

If you’re uncomfortable having the slit at the front of your skirt, then swivel it around to a side slit, where you’ll be showing a glimpse of the leg as part of your evening look.

long denim skirt with center slit

12. Mixed Shade Denim

Now you’ve probably been told never to mix your denim shades but when you find the perfect denim skirt that perfectly captures that look, you know it’s time to throw the rule book out.

Be sure to wear something plain or possibly darker on top to avoid too many colors and a potential clash or overload of color. Simple sandals and a bag help the skirt to stand out on its own with nothing to overpower it.

Great use of denim mixing in an outfit.

mixed color denim skirt

13. Skirt and Long Boots

This is a classic look and your length of boots is entirely up to you but we love the over the knee kind that gives this look a great finish. Wear tights or leggings underneath in neutral colors and a skirt that’s as short as you dare.

You’ll feel confident and stylish with this outfit.

On top, we love a floaty top, something to soften the drama of the long boots and if you love rocking the denim look then an oversized denim jacket will take this look to the next dimension.

denim skirt and long boots

Whatever your style, shape or size, the denim skirt is super fun and versatile and next year you’ll be grateful to have it in your wardrobe. Stripped right down in summer or dressed up for the colder months, the denim skirt is one of fashion’s staples and looks set to continue its popularity into next year and far beyond.

Get shopping and get your wardrobe denim ready for a great year of versatile denim skirt outfits!.

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