Chanel Espadrilles Review for 2023: Don’t Buy Until You Read This

Looking for a Chanel Espadrilles review? Perfect, keep reading!

With classic styles and several variations to take us into 2023, Chanel espadrilles are destined to be a must-have choice for spring/summer. Perfect for crisp, sunny days, walks on the beach, and strolling through cobbled streets, Chanel espadrilles conjure up luxe glamour.

Chanel espadrilles3

Lucky for you, the Chanel espadrille isn’t a luxury shoe you can only bring out once or twice a year. You’ll find it hard to take them off once you’ve removed their silky dust cloth and slipped them on.

Made from the finest materials, Chanel espadrilles are about as comfortable as you’d expect them to be. If you spend your time lunching and shopping, it’s important to keep your feet blister-free.

Chanel espadrilles2

Whether you opt for Chanel espadrilles in calfskin, tweed, or leather, your feet will thank you.

If you’re already planning your spring/summer outfits around your Chanel espadrilles, you’ll need to know exactly what’s on offer. To give you an idea of how your shoe closet will look in 2023, let’s take a look at the sumptuous styles of Chanel espadrilles on offer…

1. Tweed and Patent Calfskin

You’ll find these in just one style; navy blue, ivory, and white. The thin navy blue and white pinstripe extends to the white toe, while the iconic Chanel logo is emblazoned on the front.

Chanel espadrilles tweed & patent

With an almost nautical theme, these Chanel espadrilles crave spring weather, strolls on the pier, and lunch at the marina.

If you don’t happen to live near the water, don’t let this put you off! These Chanel espadrilles will be enough to transport you to idyllic coastal hideaways and balmy evenings, even if you never leave your backyard.

Chanel espadrilles tweed & patent2

The navy pinstripe on the tweed and patent calfskin espadrilles makes them a perfect choice for combining with denim.

If you’re planning on wearing your Chanel espadrilles with jeans, a blue dress, or navy pants–these are the shoe for you.

2. Classic Tweed

The Chanel espadrilles in tweed feature the classic Chanel fabric that we all love. However, the understated style of the espadrille means it’s almost opaque across the shoe, with a bold logo at the front.

Chanel espadrilles classic tweed

The official color is ecru, blue and black, and the combination of the interlocking Cs and iconic fabric makes these sublime shoes unmistakable.

If you love the classic Chanel style, these espadrilles offer a contemporary twist on the timeless styling associated with the brand. Perfect for long-time Chanel lovers and those new to the brand, these stunning shoes will never disappoint.

Chanel espadrilles classic tweed3

With a slightly woolly texture, these may not wear well in wetter climates but, let’s face it, it’s worth planning your adventures around your shoes when you’re wearing Chanel espadrilles.

3. Patent Calfskin and Metallic Goatskin

Styled in a sizzling white that will bounce off the sun, these Chanel espadrilles are all about spring/summer. With a silver Chanel logo, white shoe, and neutral upper, they are, perhaps, the most versatile Chanel espadrille offered.

Chanel espadrilles patent calfskin metallic

This means you’ll be able to wear your new shoes with almost all of your existing outfits, and some new ones, of course.

Chanel espadrilles patent calfskin metallic2

Pair them with a colorful dress in spring, skinny jeans on colder days, or even pants if you’re heading into the office. In fact, there’s nowhere these shoes won’t take you.

4. Lambskin and Leather

You’ll find these in beige and black, as well as solid black, so you can choose your favorite or opt for both. A girl must have choices, after all.

Chanel espadrilles lambskin beige & black

If you’re looking for a summer shoe that can be worn in more formal environments, the solid black Chanel espadrilles may be just what you’re searching for.

Chanel espadrilles lambskin black

Alternatively, the beige and black style offers an equally smart option but with a burst of a lighter color. When compared to the sunny white and silver or navy blue, ivory and white, these darker shades appear to be more sedate and restrained, despite the same styling.

Of course, this is where the mastery of Chanel comes into play. Like any great design house, they use different combinations of materials, shades, and hues to create drastically different shoes from just one design.

Chanel espadrilles

For us mere mortals, this simply means that we want a pair in every color of the rainbow. While you might not see Chanel espadrilles in every shade just yet, there are certainly enough options to keep your wardrobe ready for any occasion.

Whether you’re looking for a white espadrille to enhance your summer style, a chic shoe for formal wear, or a relaxed, nautical style for the weekends, Chanel has something for every occasion.

Style and Comfort

Wearing designer shoes isn’t always the ‘floating on air’ experience you always dreamed of. In fact, it can be more like walking across broken glass in some cases. Fear not, your feet will be delighted with these sumptuously soft protectors.

Chanel espadrilles outfit ideas

With Chanel espadrilles, you no longer have to choose between style and comfort. While the style credentials of Chanel are undoubted, you can rest assured that their espadrilles tick every box for comfort too.

One of the things that set Chanel espadrilles apart from other similarly styled shoes on the market is their sole. No, I’m not talking about the iconic soul of the brand here but the actual sole.

Chanel espadrilles sole

Many shoes designed for spring and summer feature thin, almost non-existent soles, which makes them tricky to wear.

While they might work well on the beach, they rarely stand up to more extensive walking or everyday wear. Indeed, lesser shoes may only survive a few years before they’re consigned to the back of the wardrobe or the bin.

As you might expect, Chanel espadrilles have no such qualms. Although the sole is still thin, it’s sturdy and durable.

Chanel espadrilles sole2

Effectively hidden by soft, neutral styling, the hardy sole makes these espadrilles a real contender for the shoe of the year. Perfect with a vacation outfit, or at home, you’ll be impressed with the exceptional quality these shoes offer.

You’ll want to wear with them everything and thanks to exceptional craftsmanship and superior materials, you can!

Are Chanel Espadrilles Worth It?

No matter what style or color you go for, Chanel espadrilles are going to set you back around $650+. For some people, this may not seem like a hugely extravagant amount to spend on designer shoes, (Carrie Bradshaw, anyone?) but if your shoes are matching up to your rent, it’s worth thinking twice.

Chanel espadrilles4

Espadrilles are never going to be as versatile as some other shoe styles, such as boots, for example, because of the material they’re made with. Of course, they’re not designed to be and that’s reflected in the price point.

That being said, Chanel espadrilles are far more wearable than many other similarly styled shoes on the market, and they’ll last an awful lot longer too. Given how versatile the range of Chanel espadrilles is, it’s difficult to argue that they’re not worth the investment.

As always, however, style doesn’t come at a high price. While Chanel espadrilles will certainly keep you on-trend, you don’t need to break the bank to cultivate style.

Chanel espadrilles5

If Chanel espadrilles are going to send you into the red, there are plenty of other ways to execute superb spring/summer styles in 2023 (I’m already sharing ideas!).

If you want to splurge on a luxury purchase or you’ve been saving up for something special, however, Chanel espadrilles may be your shoe of choice. Certainly, you’ll find them easy to wear and easy to style, which means you’ll get the most out of them.

If you own a pair of Chanel espadrilles, I’d be surprised to see you in anything else!

Wearing Chanel Espadrilles in 2023

There are countless ways to wear Chanel espadrilles, and I recommend you explore each and every one!

If you’re aiming for a relaxed beach vibe, pairing them with a printed wrap dress always works well, or opt for a short, floaty dress for a more bohemian feel.

Chanel espadrilles beach outfit

However, you’re not limited to skirts and dresses when you opt for these spring/summer shoes.

Chanel espadrilles work fantastically well with denim, so they’re perfect for more blustery days and overcast weather too.

Chanel espadrilles denim outfit

From skinny jeans to the boyfriend slouch, you’ll find Chanel espadrilles will enhance your outfit at every turn. If you’re looking for a denim-inspired summer outfit, pair your Chanel espadrilles with cut-off jeans, playsuits, or an oversized denim shirt for the ultimate combination of cool and chic.

When you’re crafting a more formal look, your Chanel espadrilles needn’t take a back seat. In fact, they work exceedingly well with cigarette pants, palazzo pants, and chic blazers so you can wear them into the office and out for drinks, too.

Chanel espadrilles outfit ideas3

Ultimately, you’ll find that Chanel espadrilles can be teamed with almost any garment, which is why they’re such a wonderfully versatile option for spring/summer 2023. Whether you’re looking for the perfect shoes for a beach getaway, a chic option for a walking tour of the city, or stylish footwear to reflect your signature sense of style, Chanel espadrilles are your answer – every time.

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  1. Do you know if Chanel changed the sizing on these? I’ve always been told they run so small but tried on a pair at NM in my regular size which fit. Then I bought a pair on Real Real- not returnable of course- and my foot won’t even begin to go in them.


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