21 Beauty Must Haves

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Today I am sharing my top 21 beauty must haves that every woman should own in her makeup collection! I use these products on a daily basis and I have been using some of them for years. If you are looking for new face, eye or lip products, make sure you check out my list to see all of the products that I highly recommend. Enjoy!


Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation // This has been my holy grail foundation for the past few years. I have dry skin and I looove a nice dewy finish to the skin. This foundation wears beautifully on the skin, it never looks cakey, and has buildable coverage. I wear the shade #5 for reference. If you haven’t found a foundation that you are in love with, give this one a try and your search for the perfect foundation will be over!


Laura Mercier Mineral Powder // I have tried so many different face powders, and this one is the one that I will continue to repurchase. I am picky about my face powders because I want them to have coverage but I do not want them to look cakey or patchy on my skin. This powder is so finely milled and is not a white, translucent powder, so it gives my skin a little extra coverage and leaves the most beautiful finish on my skin.


Tarte Shape Tape Concealer // Okay, I honestly cannot rave about this concealer enough. I think I have converted everyone in my life to this concealer!!! It is the most high coverage concealer and it does not crease! Every time I go to repurchase this, I buy 2 at a time because I never ever want to be without it! I wear the color Light and it is perfect for my skin tone.


Mac Fix+ // I can’t go a day without using a face mist/setting spray. Even if I am doing a very light makeup look, I always start off by misting my face with this spray. It preps my skin so well for makeup, and then it also sets my makeup when I am finished. This gives the prettiest glow and radiant finish to the skin.


IT Cosmetics Anti-Aging Armor // I’m not going to lie, I never used to wear sunscreen under my makeup unless my foundation had SPF in it. I hate the smell of sunscreen and the thought of smelling like sunscreen every single day was a horrible thing. I heard my favorite YouTubers raving about this SPF, so I decided to give it a try. Let me tell you, it doesn’t even have the faintest smell of sunscreen! This is a tinted SPF so on most days I use this sunscreen instead of foundation because it evens out my skin tone and provides me with coverage. If I decide to wear foundation, I always wear this underneath. If you are looking to add sunscreen to your daily makeup routine (you should!!!), you NEED this in your life!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz // I believe every woman should own a good brow pencil because brows are very important! Many people neglect their brows, and a little penciling in can make a HUGE difference. This brow wiz is so easy to use because the tip of the pencil is so small and it is easy to make little brow like hairs in areas that need a little extra love. I use the color Taupe in the brow wiz and it works perfectly with my blonde hair.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel // I can’t go a day without my clear brow gel! Even if I am in a hurry and don’t have time to fill in my brows with the brow wiz, I will always use the clear brow gel to set my brows in place.


Nars Pressed Setting Powder // I first heard about this pressed setting powder from another blogger who was raving about it, so I wanted to give it a try! I am so happy I tried this setting powder because it is the best powder I’ve ever found for setting my under eyes. This powder brightens the under eye, doesn’t crease at all, and lasts all day. What more could you ask for?!


Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Highlight // I have always been a huge fan of Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Highlighters, and I wrote a detailed review of the Becca liquid highlight here, but I recently picked up the cream highlight and I am obsessed with it! I love applying this highlighter to my skin before I apply my foundation because it gives my skin the prettiest glow that looks so natural. If you are looking for a natural looking “glow from within” highlighter, definitely give this one a try.


Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat // This brush cleaning mat is too good not to mention! If you dread the process of washing your makeup brushes, you need this mat in your life. This cuts your brush cleaning time in half because it gets your brushes so clean in such a short period of time. It’s important to clean your brushes at least once a month and this mat is such a time saver!


Chanel Cream Bronzer // If you have dry skin like me, cream products will be your best friend. This Chanel cream bronzer is as luxurious as it gets. It is the perfect bronzing color, it is very easy to blend on the skin, and it leaves your skin looking glowy and bronzey.


Nars Blush Palette // I love having options when it comes to blush. Depending on the makeup look I’m going for, sometimes I want a matte blush and other times I want one with some shimmer in it. This Nars blush palette has the most beautiful range of shades and includes both mattes and shimmers. I like mixing a couple of the shades together to get a customized look.


Benefit Hoola Bronzer // This cool toned bronzer is the perfect shade for contouring the face. After I apply my Chanel cream bronzer, I set the areas where I applied the cream bronzer with this bronzing powder.


Beauty Blender // I absolutely can’t live without a beauty blender. I apply my foundation, concealer, cream bronzer, cream highlighter, etc. with a beauty blender. I have found that applying foundation with a damp beauty blender is the best way to create a flawless finish to the skin. I don’t like that face brushes leave stroke marks on your face, and that is one of the reasons I prefer applying my foundation with a beauty blender.



Tartelette in Bloom Eyeshadow Palette // I love eyeshadow palettes that have everything I could possibly want in them, and this palette does that for me! I personally like cooler toned eyeshadows, and this palette has the perfect shades of taupe, dark purple, brown, and a mix of matte and shimmers. I love using this palette year round!


Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner // I have tried several different brands of liquid liner, and this Stila liquid liner is by far the best! It has such a fine felt tip which makes it super simple to draw a thin line of eyeliner, and you can easily build it up to create a thicker line.


Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize Cream Eyeshadow // Some days I want a pretty eyeshadow look but I don’t have the time to use an eyeshadow palette and blend several different shadows on my lid. This cream shadow has been the solution to all of my problems! I dab my ring finger in this cream shadow, apply it to my eyelid and then take a brush and blend it in my crease to get rid of any harsh lines. The process is so incredibly fast and easy and this cream shadow has the most beautiful pigment!


L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara // I have always been the type of person that will spend a lot of money for a good mascara, but everything I had been trying recently just wasn’t working for me! I picked up this L’Oreal mascara from Target because I had been hearing so much buzz about it, and OMG I can honestly say this is the best mascara I have ever used. I have completely moved on from my Too Faced, Chanel, and MAC mascaras because this one is 100000x better and it is only $8.99!!!



Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner // This lip liner glides on so smoothly and is the perfect pinky nude shade that matches any neutral lip color.


Mac Pink Lipstick ‘Creme Cup’ // This is by far my favorite lipstick color of all time. It is the perfect pink color that looks gorgeous for an everyday look or for a fancier look. I love pairing this with the Charlotte Tilbury lip liner!


NYX Butter Gloss // This is another drug store product that I can’t live without. This gloss is pigmented, smells amazing, and the color lasts for a long time. These Butter Glosses are less than $5 and I prefer them over high end lip glosses! I wear the color Eclair on a daily basis, but a few of my other favorite shades are Creme Brulee, Merengue, Vanilla Cream Pie and Maple Blondie.


I hope you enjoyed reading about my 21 favorite products a.k.a my beauty must haves! If you have any questions/comments about the products I mentioned above, please feel free to ask. If there is a beauty must have in your collection that I didn’t list, let me know what it is so I can test it out! Thanks for stopping by!

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Review

If you are looking for a Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector review, I’ve got you covered!

Today I am giving a detailed review on one of the most used products in my beauty collection: the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector liquid highlighter.

I wanted to review this product for you so you can see all of the amazing benefits this product provides. It has quickly become a staple in my everyday makeup routine!

I have tried many highlighters over the past few years in powder and liquid form, and this Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in the color Moonstone has outshined (LITERALLY) every other highlighter I have used before. Let me tell you why.

6 Reasons I Love the

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector

1. It is so natural looking.

Some people love a super ‘in your face’ highlight, but I prefer a more natural, every day looking highlight. Since this highlighter is a liquid, I either apply it with a beauty blender or with my fingers. Either way I apply it, the highlight thins out and looks more subtle. I prefer this over a very concentrated, powdery looking highlight.

2. It helps dull skin look glowy and beautiful.

If you have dry, dull skin like me, you will be obsessed with this product. The only upside to having dry skin is that you can make your skin look super hydrated and glowy with the right products. Even when you don’t have an excess of natural oils being produced in your skin that would give a natural glow, you can fake that look.

3. It has multiple purposes.

I will explain this a little deeper in the “How To Apply It” section, but I love that you can wear this all over your face, strictly as a highlight, or add it to your décolletage and even your arms/legs! Like I said, continue reading to learn more about how and why I do this.

4. It doesn’t leave you with a “zebra stripe”.

Have you ever seen that streak of a very concentrated highlight on someone’s cheekbone and all you want to do is give them a blending brush? (No, just me?) Well anyway, certain powder and even liquid highlights can give the appearance of having a zebra stripe on your face if:

1) The color doesn’t work with your skin tone,

2) You don’t blend it out well enough, or

3) You are using the wrong brush to apply it.

This Becca liquid highlight should never give you the stripey look because it beautifully melts into your skin instead of sitting on top of your foundation. Learn how to avoid some common highlighting mistakes here.

5. It comes with a lot of product.

This highlighter comes with a lot of product in it (1.7 oz to be exact). I also love the nozzle because it’s very small and I’m never afraid that too much product will come out and be wasted. I’m usually always going back for more!

6. It’s the perfect year-round product.

I don’t know about you but in the spring and summer, I want my skin to be bronzed and glowy 24/7. I love the look of fresh and beautiful skin, so I am constantly using this product to achieve that look. In the fall and winter, I want to combat the appearance of my dull, dry skin so once again I’m always reaching for this product! It is seriously the best year round highlighter because it achieves the look I am going for all year long.

How To Apply It

There are several ways to apply this product and I’m going to highlight (see what I did there?) my two favorite application tools.

  • Beauty Blender. I love using my damp beauty blender to apply this highlighter because it evenly distributes the product to my face.
  • My fingers. I usually dislike applying any products to my face with my fingers because I don’t think it always applies evenly, but if I am in a rush I will ditch the beauty blender and just use my fingers to apply this highlighter. If you warm the product up between your fingers and press it into the skin where you want it, it works wonderfully. I would never suggest applying foundation with your fingers, but I don’t mind applying the highlighter this way.

Application Tips

Depending on your skin type (dry, normal, oily, combination) you may want to apply this highlighter differently. Since I have very dry skin, I apply the skin perfector all over my face after I have moisturized, so essentially I use this product as my primer.

I love dabbing it all over my face with my beauty blender, and taking a second coat of it on my cheekbones, above my brows, down the bridge of my nose, on the tip of my nose and on my cupids bow. Once my face is primed with the product, I apply the rest of my makeup normally starting with my foundation and concealer.

Since I am dry, I will only add a setting powder to my T-zone and any other areas on my face that tend to get a little too shiny throughout the day. Once my powder is set in the areas I want it, I will take a pressed highlighter (I love this Hourglass pressed highlighter) and dust a little over the areas of my face that I did not set with a regular powder. This step sets the liquid highlighter in place all day so it won’t budge. You don’t have to add a lot of powder highlight here because all you are doing is setting the highlight, you’re not trying to add a ton of pigment to your face (please avoid the zebra stripe here!!!).

To add some more moisture to my skin after all my makeup is applied, I like to spray a setting spray to keep my makeup in place, let the powders set, and add some extra hydration to my skin. If you are wanting that dewy look, you will certainly get it if you follow those steps.

If you have oily skin, I would not suggest applying the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector all over your face. I would apply it to your cheekbones and wherever else you are looking to highlight, and stop there. You will have a naturally beautiful and subtle highlight that will give you that glow from within look, but you won’t be excessively shiny.

Another option that is great for people with dry, normal or combo skin is to apply a pump of the highlighter to your foundation and mix it together before applying it to your face. This will add luminosity to your foundation and will give your skin the boost it needs to look glowy.

Try playing around with these different techniques to see which one works best for you and your skin type.

As I mentioned before, I also like applying this highlighter to other parts of my body to give my skin a little extra glow. If I have an event where I am wearing a strapless/low cut top or dress, I will apply a little bit of the skin perfector to my decolletage with my beauty blender. This makes your skin look radiant and glowy and adds to your overall look. Another trick I discovered (thanks to Brianna Stanko!) is adding a pump of the highlighter to your body lotion and putting it on your arms/legs. This trick gives a gorgeous sheen to your body and makes your arms and legs look beautiful. Have you ever heard of putting baby oil on your legs for some extra shine? Well, I tried that once and it was horrible. My legs were slippery, I felt gross and I smelled like a baby…not cute! This lotion + highlighter trick is perfect because it dries normally and looks stunning.

Color Options

One of the many reasons I’m so in love with the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector is because there are several color options. The shade range is Pearl (white pearl), Moonstone (pale gold), Opal (golden opal pearl), Topaz (golden bronze pearl), Rose Gold (golden rosy pink), and Champagne Pop (soft white gold w/ peachy pink undertones). This range can seriously work for any and every skin tone which is a huge plus. I wear the color Moonstone because it matches my skin tone the best, but I could also wear Pearl for a brighter highlight, and I could wear Opal and Champagne Pop when I have a spray tan. If you aren’t sure which shade will match best with your skin tone, check out this helpful color matching article.

The colors Moonstone and Opal both come in regular and travel sizes, so if you don’t want to commit to the full bottle just yet, you could pick up the travel size and test it out! The regular bottle retails for $41, and the travel size costs $19.

I have had my full-size bottle for months and I use it regularly and I’ve barely made a dent in it! For me, it was definitely worth $41 because it will last me for a long time, it gives me the gorgeous glow I’ve always wanted, and it doesn’t compare to any other liquid highlighter I’ve ever tried.

If you are interested in buying the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector liquid highlight, you can get it here.

Have you ever tried the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector? I would love to know your thoughts on the product! I give it 5 stars and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new highlighter!

Leave me a comment down below and let me know if you liked this Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector review and would like to see more product reviews in the future!


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