Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas: “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”

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Proposing to my bridesmaids was one of my favorite parts of the whole wedding experience! It was so fun being able to put together a little box full of things I knew my besties would love. There are many Pinterest ideas on how to pop the question to your bridesmaids, but creating a personalized box was by far the best idea I came across! I’m going to tell you the steps I took to create these boxes for my girls.

Step one: Decide what you want to include in the box. When I was creating my boxes, I knew I wanted to include my wedding colors (blush & gold), something sentimental, and some fun little additions (candy, lip balm, nail polish). Besides all of the items I wanted in the boxes, I wanted to fill the boxes with gold metallic shred. I also bought pink ribbon to tie around their boxes once they were completed. I added all of those items to my shopping list and went out and got everything I needed.

Step two: Buy boxes. Sounds simple, right? I actually had to hunt around for a while to find the perfect boxes for my ladies. I wanted to find a durable box that they could keep forever if they wanted. I found the perfect white glossy boxes at The Container Store!

Step three: Personalize the boxes. This step was very important to me! I wanted to get my bridesmaids monograms on each of their boxes. Like I said in step one, I wanted this to be a personal and sentimental gift, so getting gold monogram decals for their boxes was the perfect touch.

Step four: Assemble the boxes. Now this is the fun part! Once you have all of your supplies, it’s time to put the boxes together! I added the gold shred and then started arranging the items in the box. I played around with them for a while until they were placed in an order that I liked.

Step five: Buy “proposal” cards for your maids. Etsy has SO many adorable options for bridesmaid proposal cards. I kept going back to the ones that said “I can’t say “I Do” Without You!” The inside of the card said, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” When I bought those cards on Etsy, I was able to choose between many different envelope colors, and I chose gold to go with my theme.

Step six: Give your boxes to your bridesmaids! This was my favorite step of all. It was so fun getting to see my best friends’ faces when they opened their boxes. I had so much fun creating these boxes for them, and it made it even more worth it when they accepted my “proposal”!

Make sure you enjoy each step of the wedding planning process because it truly does fly by! If you have any questions regarding bridesmaid proposals or anything wedding planning related, leave me a comment or send me an email- I would love to help 🙂


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