9 Best Leggings for 2023

Are you looking for the best leggings outfit ideas?

Leggings are a favorite for lounging. They’re the cozy go-to companion to slip-on on a lazy day when you don’t know what to wear.

It’s no surprise that the 1990s revival has brought back leggings from the past. If you were addicted to your everyday black style, now’s the time to consider the best leggings for 2023.

It might surprise you to know that black is pretty much the last style you want to invest in 2023. Instead, it’s time to embrace the diversity of those comfortable pants.

More importantly, as with the previous years, you need to be creative with leggings. Sure, they’re cozy, but it doesn’t mean you can’t dress them up.

In fact, your favorite leggings could soon become your new office-wear outfit. Leggings are a lot more versatile than we give them credit for.

If you’re looking for the best leggings outfit ideas for 2023, here are 9 tips to make the most of the stretchy item day and night.

#1. Plaid leggings are here to stay

You might remember them from the grunge 90s scene, but plaid leggings have made a comeback in 2019, and they’re not going anywhere for a while. They add a subtle cool element to the 1990s outfits, but their comeback has brought more versatility.

plaid leggings

Indeed, you can dress up your plaid leggings or down, depênding on your mood.

A pair of Zara plaid pants combined with a tailored blazer, an oversized crisp white shirt and a pair of cute ankle boots are the perfect style for a busy outfit.  For a night out, you can switch the shirt for a sequined top and pair it with crystal kitten heels to turn heads.

plaid leggings2

If, on the other hand, you prefer a more relaxed style, you can grab your favorite boxy-fit rock band t-shirt, chunky socks, and a pair of Dr. Martens, and you’re ready to bring the 1990s back to life.

Where can you find the best leggings for a plaid style?

  • Zara is a favorite for versatile and high-quality printed leggings. They not only have plenty of plaid prints, but you can also be playful with their gingham prints and tartan look for a full-on Scottish feel.
zara plaid leggings
  • H&M always has a few plaid and tartan prints on the shelf these days – their winter tartans look amazing.
hm plaid leggings
  • Don’t forget to take a look at the Amazon fashion collection as they’ve got some quality plaid prints that are perfect for a casual Sunday outfit.

#2. Leather everywhere

Wearing leather leggings? Not quite.

Faux leather is coming back with a vengeance. Shirts, dresses, skirts, and pants are all proudly harboring the faux leather look and feel.

faux leather leggings

Leggings are just about to join the faux trend to give you the comfortable leather look you’ve been asking for.

How realistic are they?

High street European brands such as Mango and Zara have already added faux leather leggings to their winter collections. The best leggings for a faux leather outfit come from these two brands if you can’t bear.

Wear them black with a chunky knit for a sophisticated but relaxed look. It’s a grown-up style that works best with a pair of hiker’s boots for daytime outfits.

faux leather leggings3

You can also dress up your maroon or cream faux leather leggings for the office with a satin blouse and a fine knit cardigan. Don’t forget a pair of square heels for an elegant 1970s leg.

Where can you find the best leggings for faux leather outfits?

  • Zara and Mango are both excellent places to start
faux leather leggings mango
  • ASOS collection has some sophisticated pieces
faux leather leggings asos
faux leather leggings pinko
  • Unexpectedly Benetton is trending with faux leather outfits
faux leather leggings benetton

#3. A touch of luxury with velvet

Nothing says cozy like velvet leggings. It’s the kind of thing you want to cuddle in to stay warm all day.

That’s probably why most velvet leggings are the preferred go-to pants for a cute but relaxed Sunday look, along with an oversized jumper and some cozy Uggs boots. If you’re going for a ski holiday, your velvet leggings are going to replace the traditional Fairy isles prints.

velvet leggings

With a variety of colors, you can put your creativity to the test with these velvet pants. Shimmer velvet and dark burgundy tones are ideal for a night out in town.

Pair your leggings with golden or sequined chunky heels, a sequined or satin asymmetrical top, and a cute clutch for a sophisticated and playful night outfit. Pastel and neutral velvet colors are best suited for a daytime winter outfit.

Where can you find the best leggings for a velvet look?

  • H&M has got some cute shimmer velvet pants, just in time for the holiday.
velvet leggings hm
velvet leggings american apparel

#4. Is suiting a thing for leggings?

You can combine your leggings with a blazer. But, if you want to inject some relaxed attitude to your day-to-day suits, you can turn to high-street brands for support.

More and more brands are launching co-ord sets with a jersey or knitted blazer and a pair of flared leggings.


The co-ords are typically focused on everyday office wear. You’ll be hard-pressed to find exciting prints and colors.

When the co-ords are not using neutral plaids, they are in plain neutral hues such as cream, beige, brown, and gray for the winter season. However, you can expect plenty of pastel tones and floral prints as soon as the weather gets warmer.


With brands such as Zara, Mango, and H&M, you know you’re in good hands for a relaxed but elegant European style with the best leggings co-ord styles.

Styling your co-ord leggings and blazer is a piece of cake. Add a shirt for office wear and some ankle boots. If you want a more casual daywear feel, opt for a printed t-shirt to clash against the semi-formal look of your leggings suit.

#5. Athletic wear is not going anywhere in 2023

Athletic wear is not a novelty anymore, but as long as you go to the gym, athletic-like leggings remain a wardrobe staple. They’re ideal for running an errand during weekends or as an ally for your leg days during the week.

athletic leggings

Typically, you’d go for a relaxed style with a boxy sweater on top for occasions outside the gym. Inside your fitness class, you can own a  co-ord outfit with sports bras and tops.

Where can you find the best leggings for a casual but tucked in fitness look?

  • Lululemon remains a favorite for fitness leggings. Yes, they are more expensive than your go-to basics, but you can squat safely with them in the knowledge that nobody gets to see your underwear!
leggings lululemon
  • Fabletics has many cute sets for fitness addicts
leggings fabletics
  • Net-a-porter also has a collection of high-quality leggings for intense workouts
athletic leggings2

#6. Logo legs all the way down

Do you remember the logo joggers from the 90s? We’re going back to displaying our favorite logos, but nowadays, you can move away from high street brands.

logo leggings

If you’re going to wear leggings with a visible logo, make sure it’s going to be high-end fashion. Style your logo pants with a plain blouse and a pair of heels for maximum effect.

Where can you get the best leggings for logo fashion?

  • Gucci has some logo tape leggings that are worth your money. However, if you can’t get the leggings, take a look at their patterned logo tights instead.
leggings gucci
  • If you’re after athletic luxury, the Paco Rabanne collection has enough to give you all the 90s feels.
leggings paco rabanne


#7. The playful patterned logo that’s “almost” impossible to wear

If logos aren’t your thing, but you still want the brand, you’d be pleased to know that designers have been creative with loud leggings designs. Just like the Gucci logo pants, you’ll need to style those with a plain top and some neutral heels for an elegant look.

You can tone down the print with a pair of ankle socks and some oxford brogues shoes, instead, for a relaxed but sophisticated daytime look.

Where can you get the best leggings with a loud print:

  • Versace
leggings versace
  • Prada
leggings prada
  • R13
leggings r13

#8. Sustainable leggings for your green heart

Eco-friendly designs need your support. For those who want to shop their leggings without worrying about environmental effects, there are a few athleisure brands you need to know about:

  • Miakoda, based in NYC, offers plant-based fabric and organic cotton designs
leggings miakoda
  • Mandala, a German brand with international shipping, has plenty of cute prints and colors in recycled polyester
leggings mandala
  • Teeki, US-based, makes its unique prints from recycled plastic bottles.
leggings teeki

Style them with a plain t-shirt and a pair of running shoes for your fitness class at the gym.

#9. Bikers’ shorts are only short leggings

Lastly, the bikers’ shorts are still a big trend. If you haven’t already, you can get your outfit from brands such as Yeezy and 2XU, which are familiar to anybody who follows Kim Kardashian’s style.

bikers shorts

Think of your bikers’ shorts as short leggings, which you can style with an oversized blazer and a crop top for a playful and sporty look. Switch your white trainers for a pair of heels at night time.

Leggings are superbly diverse so that they can fit any shape and any style. Finding your style might take some time, but once you have it, you’ll be rocking your best “leggings look” day and night.


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