5 Beauty HacksIf you are anything like me, you hit the snooze button about 2-3 times every morning.

This leaves you with more time to snuggle up in your comfy bed, but less time to get ready for the day.

I have spent way too much time rummaging through my makeup collection in hopes of finding a specific item, and come to find out it is buried under 10 other products…I know I can’t be the only person this has happened to!

I have found a solution to this madness (YAY!)

Below, I have listed the 5 beauty tips and hacks that cut my morning routine in half.

1. Organize Your Products









There is nothing worse than a cluttered makeup area. Organize your makeup by category. I have all of my face brushes in one container, my eye brushes in another, etc. Lay out all of the makeup you will need the night before (in order of when you will use it: foundation, concealer, and so on), that way you won’t waste time searching through your stuff to find what you need.

2. Keep It Simple









Running late? DON’T attempt a winged eyeliner or a smokey eye. Curl your lashes and throw on some mascara and lipgloss and you’re good to go.

3. Use Multi-Use Products









Have you ever used cream blush on your cheeks? Did you know that you can also put it on your lips as a lip stain? Finding multi-use products will save you a heck of a lot of time in the morning! Same thing goes for bronzer…pop it into your crease to add definition to your eyes without having to use several eyeshadows.

4. Dry Shampoo Will Be Your New BFF 









Do you wake up and look in the mirror and think, “SHOOT! Why didn’t I wash my hair last night?!” Everyone has had that thought before. Since you are crunched for time in the morning, use dry shampoo instead of taking the extra 40 minutes to shower and dry your hair. Dry shampoo will make your hair look fresh(er), give it some volume, and make it smell amazing.

5. Time Yourself

IMG_7493 (1)








This might sound silly, but this tip can be very effective. When I am timing myself, I notice when I’m spending too much time on something (usually my eyebrows, duh), and I will quickly finish up and move on. It’s fun to see how fast you can finish your beauty routine, and then try to beat that time the next day. It’s good to create a little competition with yourself every once in a while!

Hopefully these hacks will be as useful to you as they have been for me!

Have you ever timed your morning routine before?? Leave me a comment down below and let me know! Thanks for reading!


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