Baby Girl Nursery Inspo for 2023

Looking for baby girl nursery inspiration for 2023?

Here’s how I decorated my girl’s nursery:

baby girl nursery inspo

Photo Credit: Madison Stringfellow

News about a new baby girl coming into the family feels amazing and overwhelming.

That is when the time of planning for the new baby begins. It is sweet and special and a chance for the whole family to bond before the arrival of the new baby girl home. However, for many young parents of new babies, especially the ones who don’t have kids yet, looking for a girl’s nursery ideas, choosing the design and arrangement of a baby’s nursery can become a challenge. Space has to be nice and safe and at the same time have all the things that a new baby needs for the primary few years of her life: furniture, safe play area, storage area for kids toys, etc.  The baby nursery is one of the most difficult to properly plan and decorate. Do not feel discouraged,  thankfully there are plenty of girl nursery ideas out there to help you get your inspiration and get this fun journey started.

Baby Girl Nursery Themes & Decor: Love in Every Detail.

Deciding on the color scheme for the little one is an important step and it is not just pink for a girl anymore! There is a great choice of gender-neutral shades nowadays that will attract your attention: green, yellow, gray and white,  purple, aqua, even blue can all be incorporated into the themed nursery interior. If you are on the fence about how pink you can go for the new baby,  little pieces of pale pink decor, baby toys, and accessories displayed around the bedroom are a good way to begin.

If you are into pastels and neutral nursery but do not want the space to look boring consider some colorful accents: a rainbow pillow, a bright baby blanket, and unusual lighting are just a few options.

Do not hesitate if you are still leaning towards all the way pink! It is not a cliche,  it is classic! And with the right shade of pink, you can make a statement as bold as with any nontraditional palette. It can be glamorous, chic, cute, cozy, dramatic, extravagant, simple. Each pink nursery for the new baby will look different depending on the available space and choice of accents.  Pink is the color of beauty, serenity, and feminity. It is both tranquil and stimulating making it the favorite choice for the room. That is why I decided to use it in the main palette of our bedroom decor and could not be happier with my choice.

Little Girl Nursery Furniture. Factors You Should Consider.

It is the general rule for a new baby’s nursery to have minimal furniture ie. a crib, changing table, dresser for baby clothes, a closet to store items for the baby and it is a good idea to have a comfortable armchair to use for parents, baby sitter and during feeding times. As you start searching the web and magazines for inspiration for your girl’s private space you may begin to feel like there are too many creative nursery decor ideas! It’s overwhelming. Turns out there are a lot of factors you need to take into consideration.

Use Your Imagination to Choose Your Favorite Style. Remember, it Doesn’t have to be Pink or Gold!

Are you a parent who prefers a carefree, relaxed, eclectic Boho style design with unique accents in the kids’ bedroom? Are you traditional and want some pink, Disney Princess themed, plushy and cozy cuteness for your little baby girl? Are you leaning towards the clean, bright, airy clutter-free minimalism at your home decor? So many kids and families, so many styles! While you are deciding on your style for your baby boy or girl nursery design I feel that it might be helpful to check out some of the cute bedroom ideas.

I am so excited to be sharing my baby girl’s nursery ideas with you today! Take a look!

I had so much fun picking items for the baby nursery from the bedding to the art, wall decals, and wall decor… I took pleasure in choosing every detail. I wanted her room to be girly and pink and gold with touches of floral details and adorable bunny accents around the room. Flowers are so on-trend nowadays and are so feminine and elegant and beautiful. And who does not adore cute little plush bunnies to cuddle with? The bunny decor is the next big thing!

White nursery furniture for the baby is such a classic choice and yet it always feels fresh as you add your personal touch to the decor. It goes well with all colors and can be easily restored with white paint if needed. All of the baby furniture is from Pottery Barn Kids and it is a matching set that is gorgeous. I have got it on clearance so I don’t think they have it anymore but I will try to link something similar.

I chose white furniture that she will be able to use for years to come as a toddler, and her crib can eventually turn into a headboard when she is ready for a big girl bed. I wanted baby room decor to be timeless and elegant so it can be something that grows with her. Therefore I chose basic shapes for the mirror and dresser and other elements for the bedroom. This will allow changes and additions down the road as we grow to know our little baby girl and she grows from a toddler into a child. It is easier to incorporate new room ideas when space and furniture are simple in form and shape.

Choosing a Crib: Best Cribs for Your Baby Girls

Choosing a crib for a baby girl room can be overwhelming in the beginning since it will affect the life of the baby and you for the next few years, probably even longer. And there is plenty of models to pick from. While it is exciting to look for the prettiest and stylish crib for your baby it is important to remember that the safety of our kids is the primary concern! Make sure you have a stable frame that has mattress height adjustability. This will keep your baby and you safe and comfortable. If you are using a hand-me-down crib ensure it meets modern safety standards including fixed sides and mandated width.

It is also the general rule to have a firm baby crib mattress with a tight-fitting sheet. So make sure that all the decor items, colorful accents, and kids’ toys that you use to create the mood are outside the crib and out of the baby’s reach.

Baby Girl Crib Bedding Sets &  Cute Nursery Decorations

Bedding for the crib is not just a necessity but it can play an important role in the interior decor of the entire baby nursery and super fun to look for. I chose the sheets with flower print to go with the whole feminine elegant theme.

When it comes to decorating a nursery, I think it is important to choose a rug. Once you have made your choice, you can then select the decor and artwork for the bedroom. I picked the gorgeous piece that is sweet and elegant but girly at the same time.

The choice of the curtains was important as well not only for aesthetic reasons but I also wanted them to be black-out, so my baby girl could peacefully nap during the day and nothing would disturb her sleep at night. After I ordered those from Pottery Barn it was the proper time to search for the perfect artwork to suit the space.

Nursery Artwork Ideas – Make Your Room of the Little One Special

The artwork is by far my favorite part of baby castle! It brings all the grays and pinks of the interior together. I knew I wanted artwork with flowers, and I wanted art that was custom made. My special little girl’s nursery deserves everything special! I found two Etsy shop owners that absolutely nailed the feminine and floral vision I had for her bedroom! The first Etsy shop owner created the beautiful Baby Kinsie Joy painting above her crib. I think it is so sweet to have artwork with your baby’s name on it. It is so crazy how perfectly it matches the style and hues of the other artwork, although it is done by completely different Etsy shops.

The second Etsy shop owner I contacted was able to create six custom pieces for me to frame and I am so obsessed with how they turned out! I knew I wanted a set of six cohesive paintings so I could create a little gallery wall. I could not be happier with how the artwork turned out and I HIGHLY recommend working with both Etsy shop owners if you are searching for darling artwork for the baby nursery design. I also included a frame of baby Kinsie’s adorable newborn shots which I thought was so cute that I placed it on the bookshelf. You can see it all on the video.

The important tip I have for decorating a nursery for a new baby is to get baskets to store your baby’s toys in. We have tons of kids’ toys for baby Kinsie but I didn’t want them to be scattered all over the room, so I found cute baskets to store her toys in on her bookshelf where I have all of her kid’s books stored. Find baskets or bins that go with your decor, and you can neatly store toys or books away. I also found a matching gold basket to put all of her diapers in on top of her dresser. The organization is key when it comes to decorating a nursery and keeping it orderly.

Her walk-in closet that you are able to see on the video above has all of her cute clothes. My baby girl’s little bunny rocker and little pink armchair with her name on it are right next to the closet and they are from Pottery Barn Kids as well. Another great tip is that I used the 2 floating shelves above my baby’s bed to hide the baby monitor. Because I did not want any cords hanging around and for the monitor to be an eys-sore. But I think we hid it pretty well. And  I enjoy having those little floating shelves so I can have bunnies and other toys on them to go along with the theme.

Make a Nursery Your Happy Place.

Don’t be afraid to add in your style when you are decorating your baby’s nursery. You will be spending a ton of time in the nursery, so it’s important that you love it and you and the baby feel comfortable in it. Get a chair for yourself that you like. I have ordered mine from the local store in Saint Louis and they customize it with the material of your choice. I wanted something bright and light although white does seem like a dangerous choice for a kids’ bedroom. They made it with a stain-resistant material that wipes away easily and I could not be happier with it.  It is a good idea to have a side table so you can have your water and phone next to you when you are feeding or rocking your baby. I also keep my nightlight-sound machine on it which is absolutely amazing.

I made sure that the baby’s dresser matches perfectly with the bookshelf. It is very convenient to have the diaper storage and lotions right there at your arm’s reach. The diaper bin right next to it is Dekor brand that I highly recommend. Don’t forget about the clothes hamper for your baby’s nursery essentials. I went with the plain white that is easy to maintain.

The white mirror above the dresser was a steal and I am very glad I found it as it matches perfectly with the colors and shape of the furniture.

Are you currently decorating a nursery for your little baby girl?

Don’t afraid to be bold and use so unusual unique ideas to decorate your baby’s room. After all, she will appreciate your personal touch while growing up in her special place. Sometimes it is just a simple touch or a small detail but it will speak the loudest and will have significance in your baby’s life.

Planning, searching for girl nursery ideas, and arranging the baby girl’s nursery is a challenging task. So take your time, be patient, share ideas with friends and family, and listen to your heart. Take into consideration your family’s style preferences, the general design of your home, safety guidance tips for placing the furniture, quality of the products you purchase for the baby’s nursery, comfort, and convenience. You and your baby will spend a lot of time in this space so make it special so you can take cute photos of your baby and cherish the memories.

I hope I have given you the inspiration you were looking for! I had the best experience decorating this nursery for my baby girl and  I am happy sharing the final result with you.

I am very passionate about interior design in general so I would love that you share your little girl nursery ideas or challenges in the comment section below.

If you have any questions/comments about anything in baby Kinsie’s bedroom or you want me to create more videos about interior design and baby girl nursery please leave me a comment down below. Also please subscribe to my YouTube channel where I will be posting more videos about interior design and baby rooms.


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  1. You did such an amazing job with the nursery! Looks like a dream ❤️ What color paint is on the walls? It flows so nicely!

    • Thank you so so much! Unfortunately I don’t know the paint color. Our whole house was painted this color before we moved in 🙁 xo Kimmie

      • I love your nursery. Very calming. Thank you for sharing with us. I will be a first time grammy. So looking forward to my special granddaughter.

  2. I love this nursery!! I’m using your ideas as inspiration for my girls nursery! I can’t figure out if you used the blush or light pink curtains from PBK?
    Thanks so much!

  3. Hi! This room is beautiful 🙂 I bought the same floral crib sheets, but I’m curious what crib skirt you have? I didn’t see a link for that. Thank you!!

    • Hi! Thank you so much 🙂 The crib skirt was actually a hand me down from my sister- she got it a few years ago at PB Kids so it’s not currently available 🙁 I hope you find one you like!! xo Kimmie


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