17 Best All Black Outfits for 2023

An all-black outfit has long been a chic choice. All black is a timeless look, favored by fashion icons from Audrey Hepburn to Anna Wintour.

Putting together an all-black look can also be an easy way to look chic; everything already goes together, so all you have to do is choose great pieces to combine. There’s no worry that the colors won’t go!

If you want to embrace an all-black outfit for 2023, here’s some inspiration and tips.

Leggings Outfit with Blue Purse

1. Embrace leggings

Leggings used to be associated with 90s workout wear, but they’re actually a viable alternative to jeans for a stylish, but still comfortable outfit choice.

Leggings are a great casual choice and can be worn for a stylish look for relaxing around the house or going out for relaxed days with friends. Leather leggings can also be a sexy look for a night out.

Pair your leggings with boots, a blouse, a long-sleeve top or a vest top for a streamlined look.

2. Add textures

An outfit all in one color can look a bit simple, especially if you usually prefer a more maximalist style. An all-black look is timeless but can risk tipping into boring if you don’t add some interest.

Mixing in some different textures to the outfit is the perfect way to add some visual interest to a look. Leather, faux fur, wool, lace or some other interesting fabrics are great to elevate an otherwise simple look.

3. Add a pop of white

An all-black outfit can be made to really stand out with a pop of white, like this cozy faux fur vest. The white really pops against the black, making a gorgeous visual statement.

If the weather is too warm for a fluffy vest, you could add a white cardigan or white accessories like white jewelry or a white bag. Black and white is a classic color combination for a reason and looks smart, chic and timeless.

4. Add accessories

If your outfit is a streamlined black look, your accessories can really stand out. Do you have a favorite handbag that you don’t really know how to pair with anything or a pair of bright shoes that you struggle to match with your style?

Enter your all-black outfit. Black gives a great background for a colorful, stand out accessory.

Give your statement pieces a chance to shine and look amazing with an all-black look.

5. Embrace Athleisure

Athleisure was a big trend in 2019, and it doesn’t seem like it won’t be going anywhere in 2023. Like leggings, athleisure is a trend that is both chic and comfortable.

Whether you want a look to take you from lunch to a yoga class, or to look cool while out on a walk, an all-black athleisure outfit looks good for many occasions.

Add some interest by choosing patterns like stripes, or leggings with funky cutouts. Texture and pattern are great ways to take a look from gym wear to an actual outfit.

6. Wear classic shapes

Embrace the classiness of an all-black outfit and embrace your inner Audrey Hepburn.

Choose timeless style pieces, like cigarette pants, a blazer or a pencil skirt for a look that is sleek and chic. This could be a great professional power look for the office, paired with pumps and a great handbag.

7. Get a little 60s

The 60s inspired outfits are often all about the bright colors, but you can style up an outfit with a 60s look in a more subtle way.

Choose 60s shapes like mini dresses, but choose them in black. Add a cute hat and boots and you’ll look like a true 60s bombshell without looking like you’re heading to a costume party.

8. Try a jumpsuit

A one-piece is the easiest way to wear all black. For a more modern, youthful alternative to the classic little black dress, try a black jumpsuit or playsuit.

Jumpsuits can be dressed down with sneakers and a leather jacket, or just upped for the evening with some heels. Jumpsuits are comfortable, stylish and a great way to embrace a monochrome look.

9. The little black dress

Some style choices are a classic for a reason, and the little black dress is no exception. Most women have a little black dress in their wardrobe that can take them from a job interview to cocktails with the girls.

Make sure you have one, as this can be a very versatile piece for work and play. Pair the dress with black heels and a blazer or a leather jacket for an all-black look that isn’t dull.

10. Black for summer

An all-black look is usually associated with winter or at least, with the colder months. However, you can make an all-black outfit work just as well for Summer and the hot weather.

Pick light fabrics like breathable cotton or silks. Take a favorite loose t-shirt and tie up the front to let the cool air in and keep your all-black look summer appropriate.

A little black skirt is a great way to round off the look. Add an interesting beach bag and you’re ready to hit the beach.

11. Suited and booted

Suits for women can be very chic, whether you’re going for a menswear-inspired shape, a tailored suit for the office or embracing your sexy side with a suit inspired by YSL’s Le Smoking. If you’re new to suits, black is an easy way to look smart until you feel braver about experimenting with color.

Make sure the suit fits really well, and you’ll look like a magazine editor hitting the shows.

12. Choose plaid and leather

There’s something about wearing all black that can often feel a bit rock and roll. If wearing black makes you feel like a real rock chic, then embrace that feeling and choose some classic rock chic fabrics.

A plaid shirt over black skinny jeans is comfortable and trendy, with a feeling of the 90s grunge era. Top with a leather jacket to get ready to rock out.

Tall boots are also a great addition to feel achingly cool in your all-black look.

13. Use your outerwear

In winter, feeling stylish can be difficult. If your priority is just keeping warm, style can often be at the back of your mind.

Choose a beautiful coat in black and it will go with everything in your wardrobe. Choose a shape you love, whether you go for a pea coat, trench coat, or something military-inspired.

Pair your beautiful new coat with black jeans and some chunky boots, for an all-black look that is both cozy for the cold and still stylish.

14. Go long

We’re all used to the little black dress, but why not be a little different and try a long black dress instead. For formal occasions, a black gown can be a real show stopper when paired with glamorous jewelry and great shoes.

For less formal occasions, a floatier shape like a maxi-dress is perfect. Pair with gorgeous sandals and chunky jewelry for a stylish look.

long black dress

15: Go minimal

All-black outfits are always popular with those who love a minimalist look. To try this for yourself, choose really great pieces to build your outfit.

Cut way back on your accessories and let each piece of your outfit speak for itself instead. Cigarette pants, blazers, turtleneck, and more structural jackets are a great way to create a chic, minimal look that isn’t at all boring.

Instead, you’ll look like your outfit is well thought out and like you have great taste. Think Audrey Hepburn for your style inspiration here.

16: Try a new trend

Is there a new trend that interests you, but you don’t really know where to start? Black can be a great way to make a trend seem less intimidating, as it stops the trendy pieces from standing out too much.

Whether you’re intrigued by streetwear, faux fur or belt bags, an all-black outfit can help you feel confident and comfortable in a more way out the trend, until you get used to the idea. If you find you like the trend, you can get more adventurous later on.

17: Add some sparkle

For party season, add some serious sparkle. Sparkly fabrics are less loud in black, and instead, make you look shimmery and chic.

The sparkle will catch the light on a night out and make you look beautiful. If you’re not about an all sparkle outfit, then instead, you could go for a more usual dress and add your glitter with your accessories.

Add sparkly shoes, or a bag coated in glitter. Your jewelry is also a great way to add some sparkle for a fun look.

sparkly black outfit

All black is a timeless, stylish choice for a reason. You can still get creative with your outfits within a limited color palette, and look chic and put together.

Have some fun playing with patterns, textures and new trends to keep things interesting in an all-black outfit!

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