All About My Hair: FAQs Answered


Happy Monday/week of Thanksgiving!! Today I wanted to answer a few basic FAQ’s I have gotten about my hair. Let’s jump right into it!

Question #1: How do you curl your hair?

Answer: I am planning on posting an actual hair curling tutorial for next month, but for now I will quickly go over how I curl my hair. I switch up the curling iron I use and I rotate between this Hot Tools iron, this curling wand, and this Drybar iron. I honestly love them all equally, but I will choose which one I want to use depending on how much time I have. I can curl my hair in 5 minutes with a clamp curling iron, but it takes me longer to curl it with a wand.

I section off my hair (these Drybar clips are my faves) and I take 1 inch sections of hair at a time to curl. I curl one section of hair away from my face, and the next towards my face. Once I finish with the first layer of hair, I take out the clip and grab another section to curl. I repeat the same process for each new section I curl, except for the top layer. Once I get to the top layer of hair, I curl each piece away from my face; I don’t do it every other like I did for the rest of my hair. I love curling my hair this way because it gives it more body and texture.

ALSO, another very important tip is to leave 1-2 inches of hair out at the bottom when you are curling it. In my photos you will notice that my hair is always straight at the bottom of the curl- that is how I’ve always preferred my curls. I personally do not like when the curl goes to the bottom of my hair- does that make sense?! I will have a much more detailed hair curling post with step by step photos coming soon!


Question #2: How do you keep your hair so blonde?

Answer: I have my hair stylist to thank for that! I go in about every 6-8 weeks for highlights or balyage. I always ask to be as bright white blonde as I can get. Unfortunately I cannot use a base color on my hair because I tried that once and had a horrible reaction, so I can only get highlights. Thankfully my hairstylist is AMAZING and she can keep me really blonde without using an all over color. She also uses Olaplex on my hair which keeps it blonde and super healthy.


Question #3: How often do you wash your hair?

Answer: I wash my hair every 2-4 days. In college I washed my hair everyday and it literally did not grow. I’m not saying that there was a correlation between more washing=less growing, but now that I wash it less often my hair is growing like crazy. The reason I can wash it less often is because I use a miracle worker most commonly known as dry shampoo. I LOVE this Living proof dry shampoo and I could not live without it. It smells so good and not only does it soak up any oil in my hair, but it also gives it amazing volume and texture. I have tried several different dry shampoos and this one is absolutely my favorite. Another reason I can get away with not washing my hair as much is due to my shampoo and conditioner. Do you ever wonder why you can wait like a week to wash your hair after you’ve visited the hair salon? It’s because the products they use on your hair are high quality and they really clean your hair well. I talk all about the shampoo and conditioner in my post on how to grow out your hair. I firmly believe that you should invest in good quality, salon grade hair products!


Question #4: Do you wear hair extensions?

Answer: I used to wear hair extensions when my hair was shorter, but I do not wear them now. I have tried the tape in extensions as well as clip ins, and I recommend both types for people interested in having longer, fuller hair. If you have any other specific questions about hair extensions, leave me a comment down below.

I will always update you on the newest hair products I am using and recommend my favorites!




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