5 Favorite Summer Haircare Products


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Happy Tuesday, friends πŸ™‚ Today I want to talk about one of my favorite topics which is haircare- specifically summertime haircare! I have talked about how important it is to take care of your hair and use high quality products in your hair year round, but today I want to stress how important it is to take EXTRA good care of your hair in the summertime. Being outdoors and going on vacation is the best part about summer (in my opinion!), but our hair would beg to differ! Summertime and high temperatures can lead to frizzy, dry hair and overexposure to UV rays. Just like we take extra precautions to take care of our skin in the summer, we need to do the same with protecting our hair. Let’s all make sure we’re giving our hair some extra love this summer!

I recently stopped into a Beauty Brands store to stock up on some hair products that will protect my hair all summer long. I have a lot of trips planned this summer, so I wanted to make sure my hair would be taken care of at home and on vacation. If you haven’t heard of Beauty Brands before, it is a store that is an expert on hair and it carries over 200 salon-brand haircare products. It is my go-to store for products that are going to maintain my hair health. No matter your hair type or style, they have products that will suit your needs! Beauty Brands carries so many of my favorite brands like Living Proof, Moroccanoil, Amika, Redken, and more. They also carry skincare and makeup brands so you can stock up on all of your haircare and skincare/makeup needs in one trip. Below I am sharing which hair products from Beauty Brands are must haves for summertime!

5 Favorite Summer Haircare Products

This product is a MUST HAVE for color treated hair! All my blondies out there, this is especially necessary for you. After you have washed your hair, spray this leave in conditioner throughout the mid-lengths and ends of your hair and brush it out. You can then dry and style your hair like normal. This spray is like an SPF for your hair! Just like you would protect your skin from harmful rays, you also need to protect your hair from UV rays. This will make your hair color last longer instead of letting the sun fade it, and this helps prevent blonde hair from turning brassy.


This styling cream fights frizz and tames flyaways which makes it the perfect summer product. I personally get frizzy hair in hot and humid climates, plus I suffer from flyaways when I blow dry my hair, but this product solves both of my problems! I apply this cream to my damp hair and then I blow dry it and curl it. It has made my hair noticeably more smooth and it feels more moisturized and soft. Since I do apply a lot of heat to my hair, it is so important that I use hydrating products like this one in my damp hair before I apply heat to it. If you also style your hair often with hot tools, this product is super important to incorporate in your routine, especially in the summertime.


This set of shampoo and conditioner smells soooo good. ALL Amika products smell incredible! I bought these for my trip last week to Mexico and I loved them. I wanted to buy a salon brand shampoo and conditioner for my trip instead of a drugstore brand. Even when I am on vacation I always take really good care of my hair, and that includes using a high quality shampoo and conditioner. If you are in the market for shampoo and conditioner, I highly recommend this set!


I saved this product for last because it is my absolute favorite!! Like I mentioned above, Amika products smell AMAZING and this scent is no exception. Not only is the scent so summery and delicious, but this stuff WORKS. This anti-humidity spray literally weather-proofs your hair from humidity and UV rays. I spray this in my hair before I curl/straighten it, and it keeps my hair from getting frizzy and it’s also protecting my color treated hair at the same time. I am going to order every product from Amika because they are seriously THAT good.

FUNNY STORY: I used this spray in my hair everyday when I was in Mexico, and it worked like a charm! On the last day, I was getting ready quickly and forgot to spray this in my hair. My husband and I walked to dinner and I opened my front facing camera because we wanted to take a selfie, and when I saw myself I literally had the frizziest hair ever. I was like NATHAN why didn’t you tell me my hair was so frizzy?!?! I didn’t have any issues with frizzy hair the entire trip, until I forgot to use this in my hair! Moral of the story, this product works soo well to combat frizz, and I am never going to forget to use it again!


I hope you enjoyed reading about the 5 summer haircare products that I have been in love with so far this summer. I get asked a lot how I maintain long, healthy blonde hair and my only secret is to use high quality products year round! I am so happy with the results I have seen from these 5 products, and I am excited to reap the benefits from taking good care of my hair.

If you are interested in trying out any of these products that I mentioned, make sure you visit your nearest Beauty Brands and/or shop online! Beauty Brands has an in store salon & spa, so take advantage of this coupon for 20% off one service from the salon/spa.

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  1. So this explains why your hair is so voluminous and shiny. You have found the perfect haircare routine! I am curious to see if these will work on my natural hair.

  2. Well this humidity spray needs to come into my life ASAP. I also live for dry shampoo, lol!! These products sound great, I can’t wait to try.

  3. I loooove Amika and Moroccan oil! They seriously have some of the best products for your hair πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing these picks xx

    With love, Jenn

  4. omg your hair is sooo pretty babe! need to get my hands on these products so my hair will look as great as yours this summer xx


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